Quick Guide: How to Sow Wildflower Seed

A quick reference guide for sowing wildflower seeds and then providing the necessary aftercare for getting the most out of your meadow.

How to Sow Wildflower Seed

Preparing the Ground Wildflowers like poor soil conditions so starving the soil of nutrients will help the seeds to thrive.

  • Remove top 5-10cm of soil to reduce soil fertility
  • Remove plants/grass by hand or with weed killer
  • Remove stones and debris
  • Dig the soil over & firm it down
  • Rake over to create a level seedbed.

Sowing Wildflower Seeds

  • Scatter seed by hand or spreader
  • Sowing at 5g per m2 of soil
  • Lightly rake to cover the seed
  • Water the area well.

Aftercare For Your Wildflower Meadow

One of the greatest things about a wildflower meadow is its low maintenance but it still needs a little care. To keep it healthy and prolong growth use our aftercare programme:

  • Continue to water after sowing and germination
  • Keep meadow weed free for the first year
  • Remove any clippings to prevent nutrients returning to the soil
  • Mow your wildflower garden at a high level during the end of summer.

The right time to cut back your meadow is during late August or September and remove the clippings. Cut to 4cm in height. This will ensure your wildflower meadow is ready for the following year.

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