How to repair divots on the golf course

How to repair divots on the golf course

How to repair divots on the golf course
A divot on a golf course tee or fairway is when the top layer of turf that is sliced off and sent flying as the iron enters the ground; and the resulting scar, or patch of bare earth that is left in the ground.
By repairing a divot you are speeding up the healing process as opposed to leaving it untended to. If left alone, these divots can cause weed growth, blemishes to the surface and can affect playability.

How to repair divots

● Mix grass seed and sand to fill the divot wells. The sand is used to improve seed-to-soil contact, stop seeds from blowing/washing away and to aid drainage of water during the process of germination and establishment.● Mix this with golf course grass seed, such as PERFORM: Tees or PERFORM: Outfield & Fairway Seed specially blended to produce a high recovery rate. These mixtures include grass varieties such as perennial ryegrass, fescues, Browntop bentgrass and meadow grass.Be sure to carry out the devoting regularly, a great time is when the course is quiet. At every divot, place the mix inside the divot, and compact down by foot until the hole is filled. It is a very labor intensive process but the benefits in turf regeneration and the ease of repair outweigh this fact. Leaving areas for long periods without repair will lead to grass and weeds growing over the affected area making the task more difficult and time-consuming.Also ensure all golf buggies sand & seed bottles and divot bins are regularly topped up for players to use.

Divot repair advice for golfers

There is quite debate about whether golfers should replace the divot with the grass patch or not. Some argue that it is advisable not to fill the divot with the patch that has been sliced off as this will make the surface appear seamless. They maintain players coming afterward may find themselves striking off this patched surface and when they strike the ball, it will go nowhere as the divot will come away from the ground giving the player no 'ground purchase'. However, others argue it is seen as good golf course etiquette to fill the hole again and often in tournaments players can be penalised for not replacing divots. Therefore, our advice is to check with the individual course before starting your round. n the case were divot mixture boxes or bottles are available, use the mixture to fill the divot then use your foot to firm up the surface.Learn more: How to manage your golf greens.

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