How to protect your grass from dog urine

Dog owners and lovers alike will already know that dog urine and grass do not mix! We have some ideas that will help you protect your grass from dog urine damage and save yourself time and money. Fact: Did you know that female dogs' urine is more damaging than a males?

Dog Urine Resistant Grass

We should start by sharing our view on dog urine resistant grass.  There is no grass variety that we are aware of that can resist the damage from dog urine and we have been in the business for almost 200 years!

On a technical note, grass seed is resistant to urine but not the grass itself, this is perhaps where the confusion arises.

How to stop the urine damage?

You have a couple of tactics to prevent damage to your grass lawn from dog urine:

Healthy Keep your grass healthy, look at fertilisers that can help keep your grass in the best condition possible.  This will not only help with potential damage but it will also keep your lawn looking great.

Water When a dog urinates on your grass, immediately use water to dilute the urine ideally with a hose or bucket.

Training Teach your dog to use a certain place in the garden as its toilet, it may take a little time but will be great in the long run as it will keep your grass and other areas of the garden clean.  It will also leave you with only one area to clean each day.

Pet Products

There are products on the market that you can feed your pet, usually via their drinking water, to make the urine less damaging but we have no knowledge of how they work or if they work. We would also suggest researching any claims these products make and whether they can have any negative impact on your dog’s health.


Do not allow them access to the lawn at all.  This option is likely the least useful as dogs love a good run and sniff around the garden!

To sum this all up, if possible stop your dog urinating on your grass all together, if not try reducing the damage done by watering it down.

How to repair urine burnt grass

It is worth repairing any existing damage which is an easy enough process, especially since you now have your damage prevention tactic in place.

  • Remove the dead grass, use a rake / fork depending on the size of the damaged area
  • Aerate the soil, basically use a fork to add small holes about 1cm deep
  • Add some lawn seed, I would recommend FAMILY: Kids and Pets grass seed as it is ideal for dogs
  • Flatten the soil down a little, be gentle but firm
  • Water a little each day for the next couple of weeks (do not go overboard)

Keep It Healthy

We have a series of guides that are designed to keep your grass healthy [ ], have a look and see how they can benefit you.

Keep it Healthy Grass Guides

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