Our habitat for bees, bugs and hedgehog houses

Our habitat for bees, bugs and hedgehog houses

Our habitat for bees, bugs and hedgehog houses
Invite nature into your garden with our hedgehogs, bugs, and bee range. Of course, we all love to see birds, bees, and butterflies in our gardens, but did you know you can easily provide habitat for hedgehogs and bugs too. This will not only benefit their natural habitat, but it will also help introduce more diversity in your garden to better support nature and the environment.

Create a habitat for bees, bugs and hedgehogs too!

We have a collection of rustic and durable animal homes made from natural materials to create a habitat for bees, bugs and hedgehogs. Our bee boxes, hedgehog homes and insect houses help support your garden's natural circle of life.

Habitat for bees

habitat for bees

Happy Bee Box

Made using natural Forest Stewardship Council-certified (FSC) wood that ensures the wood is responsibly sourced, our Happy Bee Box encourages bees and pollinators to build a home. Solitary bees and other insects will find sanctuary in this bee box. To do this, you simply hang it up and let nature do its thing!

Bee Honeycomb

Our Bee Honeycomb is similar to the Happy Bee Box. However, it features a unique and stylish hexagon design packed with natural bamboo canes. This bee home is perfect for solitary bees, such as mason, leafcutter and mining bees. And you can easily hang it from a tree or a wall-mounted hook.

Habitat for bees and bugs

bees and bug mansion

Multi Bee & Bug Mansion

The Multi Bee & Bug Mansion is the ideal addition to your garden for treating wildlife, with three layers of nooks, crannies, and hidey holes. In addition, this insect house offers the smaller creatures in your garden a place to nest and lay eggs. It is also a welcome addition to any garden, combining natural wood, bamboo, bark, and a genuine slate roof.

Rustic Insect House

Our Rustic Insect House is made from FSC-certified wood and features natural bamboo canes and a sage green roof, which attracts many smaller creatures to nest. Its design also provides a safe and beneficial habitat for bees, bugs and other pollinators.

Bee and Bug Hut

Made with natural bamboo, wood and a slate roof, our Bee and Bug Hut offer bees, bugs and other pollinators a warm and dry habitat to thrive. Its durable and stylish design makes it a welcome addition to any garden!

Habitat for hedgehogs

habitat for hedgehogs

Vermont Hedgehog House

Our Vermont Hedgehog House is made from sustainably sourced wood and is handcrafted in the UK to provide refuge and shelter for hedgehogs. These cute creatures also help to keep the balance right in your garden by eating beetles, caterpillars, worms and other bugs.You can also let areas of your garden go wild by planting wildflowers or leaving logs and grass cuttings to act as a nesting and feeding site for these cute little creatures.Please message us if you have any questions about creating a habitat for bees, bugs or hedgehogs, and we will be happy to help.

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