Our feeders and feeding stations for wild birds

Our feeders and feeding stations for wild birds

Our feeders and feeding stations for wild birds
Bird feeders and feeding stations are a great way to give wild birds a reliable food source. The U.K. has a wide variety of busy bird species that benefit from having extra food on offer to keep their strength up. Additionally, you will likely see more wild birds visiting your garden if you leave them out some quality food hanging in clear view away from predators.

How do bird feeders benefit wild birds?

It’s a common misconception that birds only benefit from hanging feeders, feeding stations and bird tables at certain times of the year. However, wild birds require nutritious bird food all year round. Likewise, bird populations increase dramatically during spring and summer, which puts an even greater demand on the need for food. This means the parents will have to stay away from their young for longer while out foraging for food. But, we can help them by giving them food so they can spend more time at home with their young.Bird feeders filled with nutritious bird food are a superb supplementary food source for wild birds that helps them grow and keeps their energy levels high.

Introduction to our Bird Feeder Range

Hanging Bird Feeders

Hanging bird feeders give birds easy access to treats, and they are easy to clean while requiring no assembly. They are a good option if you are new to bird feeding and want to attract more birds. Conveniently, these feeders can hang from branches, wall mount brackets and bird feeding stations for your viewing pleasure.Most of our hanging feeders have a tubular design and are available in a range of colours and sizes. This also includes various numbers of port holes so a few birds can feast at the same time. Adding to this, most hanging feeders can hold different seed mixes that encourage a wide range of birds to visit. Furthermore, we also have seed-specific hanging bird feeders that will attract certain species of wild birds. You may benefit more from a squirrel-resistant seed feeder if you have witnessed squirrels stealing your bird food.Examples of what we have available in The Grass People’s Bird Shop:

Seed Mix Feeders:

  • Flo Festival – A high-capacity hanging bird feeder that’s ideal for feeding birds in large gardens and patios. This is the largest hanging bird feeder from Jacobi Jayne, with stylish decals, click-off perches, and chew-resistant material throughout.
  • Ring-Pull Click Seed Feeder – This is a durable and easy-to-clean feeder with a convenient click-off base and tough metal fittings. It also comes with Jacobi Jayne’s lifetime guarantee to reduce the worry of damage from squirrels or the weather.
  • The Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder – Ingeniously designed to restrict access to food once the weight of a squirrel is added to it. It also features Squirrel Buster’s patented Seed Tube Ventilation System that lets fresh air in and allows humid air to escape  – keeping bird food fresher for longer.

Seed-specific Bird Feeders:

  • Ring-Pull Click Peanut Feeder: Easy to clean and easy for birds to feed on, the Ring-Pull Click peanut feeder features a click-off base to make refilling and cleaning a breeze.
  • Flo Niger Feeder: Niger seed feeding tube with a free-flowing design for easy feeding. Finches love niger seed, and this feeder is easy to clean and refill.

Bird Feeding Stations

If you have a larger garden, then a bird feeding station would be a good addition. Feeding stations can hold multiple bird feeders to attract more wild birds. They can also offer a wider range of treats to suit large and small beaks. All in all, they give birds a place to eat together for you to watch and enjoy.

A few of our quality bird feeding stations are below:

  • Everyday Bird Feeding Station: Great for gardens, large and small, this durable and stylish feeding station holds two feeders and features a water dish and a seed tray.
  • Nut 'n' Seed Bird Station: Ideal for larger gardens and larger flocks of birds, this heavy-duty bird feeder holds up to five feeders and includes a seed feeder and peanut feeder, a seed tray, and a water dish.
  • Select Bird Station: This elegant bird feeding station offers the perfect feeding, watering, and bathing solution for your garden visitors. Holds up to five bird feeders and comes with two double brackets, a water dish, and a seed tray.

Bird Feeding Tables

Bird feeding tables are a delightful addition to any garden. Our tables are easy to assemble, and you can serve any bird food on them. This means you can offer a selection of food to suit a wide range of birds. Furthermore, you can place them anywhere in your garden for your viewing pleasure.We also have hanging bird tables that you can hang from trees, wall mount brackets and bird feeding stations. Hanging tables combine the best features of hanging feeders and feeding tables to give wild birds a place to snack for your bird-watching pleasure.A few examples of what we have on offer:
  • Vermont Barn Bird Table: Elegantly carved from Swedish Redwood, this cute bird table emulates the traditional look and feel of a Vermont Barn. It has curved openings for easy access and its ridged roof allows your guests to dine in peace. The roof also helps protect bird food from falling rain while the curved opening makes cleaning easier.
  • Bird Inn Bird Table: The Bird Inn Table is a stylish bird feeding table that's handcrafted from Redwood and features a simple but elegant design that blends perfectly into your garden. Furthermore, it stands 150cm tall, giving wild birds and safe and easy platform to land on.
  • Warbler Bird Table: This bird feeding table is handcrafted from Swedish Redwood and features a charming engraved bird illustration beneath the scalloped roof.
  • Bird Oasis Bird Table: The Oasis bird table features an elegant hexagonal design warm tan finish that contrasts beautifully with the forest green roof  - giving your wild birds a comfortable area to feed.

Choosing the right bird feeder for your garden

There are a few things to consider if you are still unsure which bird feeder is best for your garden:How much free space do you have in your garden for bird feeders?If you have a smaller garden or yard, then a hanging bird feeder (or two) could be a better option. On the other hand, if you have an area of your garden you would like to dedicate to nature, then a bird table or a feeding station could make a great focal point for you to watch come feeding time.How much free time do you have for cleaning and refilling your bird feeders?Bird feeders, feeding stations and feeding tables do not take much time to clean but it’s advisable to keep an eye on their cleanliness to avoid birds getting sick. We recommend you clean your feeders once a fortnight. Furthermore, it’s important to regularly check your birdseed, suet, and other treats to ensure they have not gone mouldy, rancid, or stale – this is especially important in hot and wet weather.

Feeders and feeding stations benefit wild birds

As you can see, adding bird feeders to your garden is easy and encourages wild birds to visit your garden. This is great for you and the family to watch, and it benefits your local wildlife all year round. For more information available on how to choose the right bird feeder and how to store our high-quality bird food, but if you have any questions please get in touch.

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