NURTURE: Paddock with Herbs

  • Paddock Herbs create a versatile, palatable grazing mix
  • A nutritional mineral packed mix
  • 12.5kg bag offers 1x acre ground coverage

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Product Description carrat-down

NURTURE: Paddock with Herbs is a nutritional grass seed mixture that include a range of herbs that has been crafted to provide minerals and trace elements to benefit your horse's diet.

Our paddock herbs mixture is a natural source of vitamins for your grazing pony. This mix can also be sown as a herbal strip along a hedgerow.

Mixture Breakdown

48% Perennial Ryegrass
24% Creeping Red Fescue
12% Timothy
12% Meadow Fescue
1.6% Plantain
0.8% Agri Burnet
0.8% Yarrow
0.8% Sheep's Parsley

Usage Guide carrat-down

The best time of year for establishing seed is March - April and from last week July, August or mid-September at latest. Before sowing ensure the paddock is prepared by pH testing the soil, draining of heavy soil if required and removing weeds and stones etc. This will give the seed the best chances of growth. If sowing a new ley a rate of 12kg of seed per acre is recommended.

For expert advice on how to renovate or overseed horse paddocks please send us an email to [email protected] so we can best assist you and tailor a seeding /maintenance programme to your needs.

Sowing Rate 1 pack per acre - approx 3 grams per m2

Aftercare carrat-down

Follow our guide on how to manage your horse paddock. For specialist / expert advice on how to renovate or overseed horse paddocks please send us an email to [email protected] so we can best assist you and tailor a seeding /maintenance programme to your needs.

Product Questions carrat-down

Product Questions

Your ryegrass with herbs are horses safe to graze on this shortly after seeing. The reason I ask is we only have a small pasture so do. It have the land to take horse off to another area whilst paddock rests say winter to spring
Question by: Trish wilding on 7 Mar 2022, 15:54
Thanks for your enquiry. After reseeding we recommend horses are kept off the grass for approximately 8 weeks. The grass is ready to be grazed when it stands the ‘Pull Test’; the grass blades can be pulled from the sward without removing the roots. Whilst the grass is establishing, ensure you have prepared alternative grazing area for the horses. As is natural with all reseeds, be prepared to take weed control measures 5 weeks after sowing by cutting the new ley. Most annual weeds will mow out.

Answer by: Martin Muldoon on 8 Mar 2022, 08:06
can i add some red clover(not white) to the mix
Question by: clare welsh on 31 Mar 2021, 15:07
Hi Clare,

We do offer a bespoke service and can create a mix based on your specific varieties and quantities (depending on availability). We do have a minimum quantity amount on our bespoke services and there is also additional charges. If this is something that may interest you email [email protected] and let us know your specifications and the amount you require.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 31 Mar 2021, 15:15
Is this mix suitable for sandy soils?
Question by: Jane Mortimer on 22 Mar 2022, 16:51
Hi, thanks for your question. Yes, this mixture should be ok for sandy soils.
Answer by: Helen McGale on 23 Mar 2022, 09:40

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