How to mow a new lawn for the first time

How to mow a new lawn for the first time

When temperatures are particularly warm in summer and greatly speed up the growth of your grass, you may think your lawn is ready for its first mow within a few weeks of sowing it. But knowing how to mow a new lawn will greatly benefit the growth of your new grass and will complement all your hard work up to this point!

However, there are rules for the first mow of your new lawn that should be stuck to. Your lawn is ready for its first mow when established at the 6-8 week mark post-sowing. There should be an even coverage throughout the lawn, and the blades should be hitting heights of around 5-7cm.

Learn how to mow a new lawn - below!

  1. Remove any stones and obstacles
  2. Check that your blades are sharp on your mower
  3. Grass should be at least 5 - 7cm before cutting
  4. Set your mower blade to the highest setting

Handy Tip: Remember never to remove more than a third of the blade height (and never mow wet grass!)

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Tips for how to mow a new lawn

  • Don't mow until your grass has grown to 5-7cm
  • Remove the cuttings; you could even use them for a compost heap
  • Leave your grass to settle for a week or two after your first mow
  • In the future, mow at the recommended height (per product)

The perfect height for your first mow

Once your new lawn has grown to 5-7cm in height, it’s time to give it its first mow. Then, you can set your lawn mower to its highest setting to give the grass a trim. This is so you don't cut too far down the blades of grass.

Tidy up the cuttings after mowing

We recommend you remove all the clippings after you have mown your lawn. This is because if you leave the cuttings on a newly seeded lawn, then you will be contributing to thatch, which will harm the growth of your lawn. Dead grass sitting dormant on your lawn will also restrict your grass from getting its much-needed sunlight!

If you have any questions on the topic of mowing your new lawn, or anything else for that matter - please send us an email, and we will be happy to help.