Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Bumblebee Conservation Trust
We are buzzing to announce that The Grass People are Business Plus Members of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. The UK economy relies on bumblebees to pollinate our crops, fruit and vegetables. And it’s for this reason that bumblebee colonies must thrive! Bumblebees are excellent pollinators due to their large, fluffy bodies and ability to pollinate more flower types than domesticated honeybees. So as far as important species go, bumblebees are at the top of the list!

The bees need our help!

By joining the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, we are supporting a registered charity that strives to create and restore the habitat for our native bumblebee species. We can all help by setting aside an area of our gardens for planting wildflowers. This will give pollinators a renewable resource to help fuel their busy lifestyles. This will not only help our local wildlife but will also help the larger ecosystem of our country and our planet.

How wildflowers help bees and pollinators thrive

When picturing the Great British countryside, you might imagine rolling hills scattered with oak trees, surrounded by meadows full of wildflowers. There’s nothing more pleasing than walking through a countryside filled with happy, vibrant colours and sweet smells in the air! This is not only a blissful setting for us but also the perfect habitat for pollinators, including bees, bugs and butterflies.

You might be surprised to learn that in the last hundred years, it is estimated that the UK has gone from having 7.5 million acres of wildflower meadows to just 26,000 acres. One of the consequences of this decline is a massive drop in the population of pollinators, including bees. Thankfully, we can give our buzzing garden visitors a helping hand by planting bees' favourite wildflowers!

If you are interested in creating a wildflower meadow in your garden, we have a guide where we share our helpful tips. But if you have any questions on wildflowers, bees or your garden, please get in touch, and we will be happy to help!

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust strives to help the bee population increase! And one of the best ways to help is to add wildflowers to your garden. Our gardens take up an estimated 433,000 hectares or 4,330 square kilometres of land in the UK. So, if homeowners add wildflowers to their gardens, they will give bees and other pollinators their required habitat.

We hope that, as a nation, we can help the bee population increase!

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