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Can the mix be sown in early spring as opposed to Autumn?
Question by: Marc on 22 Feb 2017, 22:59
Yes this mixture can be sown at this time of year, some of the seeds will need to go through a winter before they will bloom so you will not get all the flowers this year.

I would also suggest as the weather starts to turn cold again at the end of the year to scarify / abuse the grass a little to give the new seeds some room to grow, if the grass is too well established the flowers will struggle to compete.
Answer by: Chris McIlroy on 23 Feb 2017, 10:21
What about sowing in March?
Question by: Derek on 15 Mar 2017, 14:54
These can be sown in March and they will produce many of the flowers, after winter the seeds that require winter to germinate will come up next year.
Answer by: Chris McIlroy on 17 Mar 2017, 13:57
When I’ve sewn my wild flower seeds can I cover them with wood bark
Question by: Peter on 18 Sept 2018, 21:02
Hi Peter,

We would not recommend covering the wildflower seedbed with wood bard. If you wish to cover it we would suggest a light coarse grain sand but if they are sown onto a friable seed bed then just raking or treading them into the surface should suffice.

Thank you.
Answer by: Orla O'Hare on 19 Sept 2018, 09:32
I would like a greater percentage of cowslips in the bee/pollinator mix. Is this possible?
Question by: Pauline Kynge on 17 May 2019, 17:57
Hi Pauline,
I believe we have spoken on the phone before about this. Unfortunately at the moment unless it is a specialised mix we cannot increase the amount of any of the wildflower seeds beyond what we have in the mix - however, we are considering expanding our wildflower range in a way that would allow you to do this in the future. I hope this helps!
Answer by: Anna = on 29 May 2019, 15:48
Are these seeds tolerant of acid soil? The area for sowing is near a pine tree where grass does not grow.
Question by: Michael Bassett on 24 Aug 2019, 04:20
Our seed mixes are fairly tolerant of acidic conditions. If you are particularly concerned it may be a good idea to get the ph tested. Also clearing the pine needles, turning the soil and adding some fresh top soil would help to provide a more suitable soil profile for a good lawn.
Answer by: Simon McCullagh on 26 Aug 2019, 10:30
Are these plants tolerant of acidic soil, area is near pine tree where grass is weak.
Question by: Michael Bassett on 24 Aug 2019, 04:50
See previous answer.
Answer by: Simon on 26 Aug 2019, 10:33
Could you let me know which seed mix is dog friendly?
Question by: Claire on 11 Oct 2020, 22:16
Hi Claire

Thank you for your query. The safeness and suitability of sowing wildflowers in reach of pets largely concerns whether consumption / ingestion of the flowers is of a huge concern.

Wildflowers such as Buttercups and Foxgloves are poisonous to animals and can be to humans, and are present in all of our wildflower mixes. Each of these wildflowers have minor to moderate toxicity and can prove fatal if consumed / ingested in any amount. Therefore, we would not recommend sowing any of our wildflower seed mixes, or any others, near your children or pets if you have concerns that they would consume them.

Animals have intelligent instincts and by using their scent can work out what is and what isn’t poisonous, so there is low risk of them wanting to snack on your wildflowers. However, if your pet or livestock has a penchant for wolfing down wildflowers or any other garden flora it’s best not to put anything in front of them that could potentially harm them.

Answer by: Roisin McCann on 12 Oct 2020, 10:59
Hello, can the wild meadow seeds be sown any time of the year , thank you
Question by: John gillingham on 11 Nov 2020, 08:39
Hi John

Autumn and spring are great times to sow wildflower seed. Annuals will appear 60-80 days after sowing, perennials will have a small showing but will take up to one year to fully establish. If you sow in Autumn, you should expect a showing in early spring and if sowing in spring you should see blooms in summer.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 11 Nov 2020, 09:36
Is late November too late to sow theses seeds? Should I wait until March? In the South East UK so fairly warm climate.
Question by: Jen on 24 Nov 2020, 10:22
Hi Jen

Wildflowers can technically be sown all year round; however, we wouldn’t recommend sowing in winter for a few reasons. The low temperatures can cause the ground to freeze, making it more difficult to prepare a good seed bed for your wildflowers to call home. Many of our mixes also contain grass, whilst wildflowers are very resilient and freezing temperatures actually benefit the seeds, the same can’t be said for grass seed which will fail to germinate if not sown in temperatures above 8 degrees. So, despite wildflowers’ ability to withstand harsh conditions it’s still best to sow our mixes in spring or autumn.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 24 Nov 2020, 10:45
Hi, can I mix these with a flowering meadow pack to sew into bare flowerbeds in April?

Question by: matt rainback on 19 Mar 2021, 14:41
Hi Matt

Thanks for your enquiry. You can mix these but I'm not sure you would need to. Both mixes contain similar wildflower species but in varying quantities. Is there a particular reason why you wanted to mix the two?
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 19 Mar 2021, 15:34

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