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When is the best time to sow these seeds from feb onwards ??
Question by: Nicole on 28 Jan 2021, 17:05
Hi Nicole

The best time for any of our seed to be sown is in spring. The shade mixes take a little longer to establish as they require warmer temperatures to germinate. If sown in spring, you should expect to see a healthy sward in early summer.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 28 Jan 2021, 17:09
Hi, I have a small lawn and 25% of the area gets sun for a couple of hours a day. Can I use you shade lawn on the whole lawn, even the bits that get more/full sun for most of the day? Will your shade seed be okay in full sun conditions? don’t want to have to buy two different bags of seed for such a small garden
Question by: Steve blackmore on 18 Mar 2021, 21:16
Hi Steve

Thank you for your enquiry, whilst this mix is designed to establish in shaded areas it will not have any issues with establishment in full sun.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 19 Mar 2021, 08:29
I have an area that is fairly shaded. If I use the shade (not the ultra shade) will that be ok?
Also are the grass blades much coarser, I have put the superstart back lawn on the rest of the garden, so I want to understand the visual difference
thank you
Question by: Emma on 27 Mar 2021, 18:57
Hi Emma

If the garden suffers from a partial, dappled shade then the STEADFAST: Shade will work well. The Ultra Shade this only for full permanent shade.
This mix also contains perennial ryegrass which can be found in the SUPERSTAR mix so they will blend nicely.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 29 Mar 2021, 12:10
I live in Scotland where temperatures have been below average. Is there anything I can do other than watering to support growth?

The established grass from overseeding last year is growing long. I'm assuming I can't cut whilst the new seeds establish?
Question by: Mr David T on 5 May 2021, 18:26
Hi David

Unfortunately there is not much else we can do but wait until the temperatures start to increase and it starts to feel like Spring. Continue to water in the absence of rain and I would hold off on mowing until the new sward is established.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 6 May 2021, 09:33
Hi South facing garden with lots of trees and tree roots would steadfast shade be best. M
Question by: Michelle on 3 Oct 2021, 18:34
Hi, for partially shaded areas, the best options is the Steadfast: Shade, it is perfect for areas which receive partial shade throughout the day. We would advise that these mixes are sown when the weather is warmer, late spring and summer. Due to the lack of sunlight they rely heavily on the warmer temperatures to assist germination. These will be slower to establish than some of our other mixes but once grown you won't have to worry about those dark spots anymore.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 4 Oct 2021, 10:23
Hi, will this Steadfast Shade mix do well in shaded heavy clay conditions?
Question by: Michael on 8 Feb 2022, 09:08
Hi yes it would work but ideally for clay soils we would recommend our IMPRESS: Clay Master Lawn Seed for this area. It is a specially blended grass seed mixture designed for clay and heavy clay soil conditions. The tall fescue component has a strong deep rooting system which not only allows it to penetrate your clay soils effectively but ensures a drought tolerant lawn, especially in soils that are prone to dryness. The perennial ryegrass in this mix makes way for a fast-growing and hard-wearing lawn to thrive.

It does have some shade tolerance due to the meadow grass in the mix, but if your lawn really suffers from shade you may wish to blend it with one of our specialised shade mixtures.
Answer by: Helen McGale on 8 Feb 2022, 14:05
Hi, I am trying to decide whether the shade or ultra shade grass seed will be best for my garden. How is best to decide? When sunny all day all parts of my garden gets some sun at some point during the day, but it may only be for a brief time. Thanks
Question by: Jamie legg on 17 Mar 2022, 18:18
Hi, thank you for your question. Here are the differences between our shaded mixes: Steadfast: Shade is perfect for areas that receive partial shade throughout the day. Whilst Steadfast: Ultra Shade is for areas that receive little to no light, often described as a blocked permanent shade and contains a superspecies called Poa Supina, which is exceptionally shade tolerant. I hope this helps you make your decision!
Answer by: Helen McGale on 18 Mar 2022, 08:48
I want to oversee an existing lawn on very dry & poor soil in partial shade and with moss. After raking - Can I cover the seed with lawn top dressing (to help the current problems and protect the seed from the birds?
Question by: Tony on 30 Mar 2022, 09:39
Hi, thanks for your question! Our seed does not require topsoil to germinate. However, if you feel your soil is of poor quality or is unlevel (dips in certain places) then we would recommend that you add topsoil to create a fine and level seedbed.
Answer by: Helen McGale on 30 Mar 2022, 11:56
Once established, what is the idea cutting height for this grass mix?
Question by: Ross on 11 Sept 2022, 17:26
Hi, the recommended mowing height is 20 - 40mm.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 12 Sept 2022, 13:33
Hi, am I ok to sow now (mid Oct) the forecast is 15+ for as far as I can see (next 9 days). If I sow now and it doesn’t germinate will it do so come spring? Thanks
Question by: Lisa on 16 Oct 2022, 19:59
Hi Lisa, with our shaded mixes we recommend sowing these in warmer temperatures - ideally 16 degrees or higher. Due to their ability to grow in darker areas with limited access to sunlight they rely on warmer temperatures to germinate. The best time for these mixes is late spring and summer.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 17 Oct 2022, 08:50

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