Will grass seed grow if I just throw it on the ground

Will grass seed grow if I just throw it on the ground
The short answer – is yes. Grass seed can grow if you just throw it on the ground, but the success of the germination will be much different compared to when you do the right preparation and sowing technique.

While the grass seed should germinate if you just throw it on the surface, you should know that there are a few negative effects of planting the seeds in this way. It could harm the speed and success of germination and may leave you with patchy and uneven coverage.

If you want to create a vibrant, thick, and lush green lawn you should follow the correct preparations and sowing guides. This can take time and effort, but the results will be much more rewarding compared to scattering seeds on to the soil.

Sowing a new lawn from scratch

When you are planning to sow a new lawn from scratch, you have the advantage of having a blank canvas to work from. You will also be able to carry out an investigation of your soil type and choose a seed that will work best for your soil. When you are sowing from scratch, you should choose a grass seed that is fit for your needs and will suit the level of usage your grass is going to get.

Preparing your soil for sowing

To ensure that you have the most successful germination possible, you should make sure that you prepare a perfect seedbed for sowing.

To do this, we recommend following these steps;

  • Dig the soil over to a depth of 20-25cm
  • Remove any weeds, stones, and debris from the seedbed.
  • Allow roughly 2 weeks for your seedbed to settle and remove any returning weeds during this time
  • Firm the ground by shuffling in small steps across the seedbed
  • Rake over the soil in several directions to create an even seedbed

Before you begin sowing, you can opt to use a fertiliser. You should try our QUICK RELEASE: Pre-Seed Fertiliser which will help to increase the rate of grass establishment and help to strengthen the roots of new seedlings to come.  

Sowing the grass seed

After you have completed the steps to creating the perfect seedbed, you are now ready to start sowing your new grass seed.

  • For new lawns we recommend a sowing rate of 50g per m2
  • We recommend using a spreader but if you are doing it by hand, use string to divide the area into sections before sowing your seed. This helps to control the amount of seed you sow.
  • You should aim to sow the seed between 5mm and 10mm deep under the soil.
  • Rake the soil lightly over the seed and then walk lightly across the seedbed to firm in the seeds.
  • Continue to water the seeds each day (unless there is rain) to help with germination.

To learn more by heading over to our grass seed advice page.