Wildflower Seed UK

Wildflower Seed UK

We offer an extensive range of specially selected wildflower mixtures to suit every soil type. Within our mixtures are varieties of the finest UK's native wild flora seeds, thoroughly tested to ensure successful germination and a beautiful display.
  • Bees & Pollinators

    Bees & Pollinators

    A vibrant mix of pollinator-perfect flora
    Contains a balanced mix of annuals, perennials and grasses
    Wildflowers expertly picked for their bee attracting abilities

    From £17.40 £14.50 Ex. VAT
  • Flowering Meadow

    Flowering Meadow

    Creates a delightful display of cornfield annuals and long-lasting perennials
    Develops a year-round habitat for bees and pollinators
    Contains sought-after UK native wildflowers

    From £18.00 £15.00 Ex. VAT
  • Annuals Wildflower Mix

    Annuals Wildflower Mix

     Contains the Nation’s favourite – Cornfield annuals
     Produces colourful blooms within months
     Can be added into pre-existing meadows for a pop of colour

    From £20.40 £17.00 Ex. VAT
  • Meadow Magic

    Meadow Magic

    Luxury 100% UK Native Wildflower Mix
    Contains annuals and perennials for a flora-full meadow
    A vibrant and versatile mix that can be introduced to any garden

    From £33.60 £28.00 Ex. VAT
  • SIMPLY: Wildflowers

    SIMPLY: Wildflowers

    A beginner’s wildflower mix
    Helps to create a habitat for pollinators and other wildlife
    Provides a variety of flora for novice’s to find their favourites

    From £15.60 £13.00 Ex. VAT
  • Shaded Areas Wildflowers

    Shaded Areas Wildflowers

    Creates a meadow of wildflowers that can grow in little light
    Helps to provide a canopy habitat for pollinators and wildlife
    Makes use of forgotten-about shady spaces

    From £16.20 £13.50 Ex. VAT
  • Heavy Clay Soils Wildflowers

    Heavy Clay Soils Wildflowers

    Deep rooting wildflowers hold their own in heavy clay soils
     Perennials provide a year on year range of species variety and colour
    Makes problematic areas part of the garden again

    From £16.20 £13.50 Ex. VAT
  • Sandy Soils Wildflowers

    Sandy Soils Wildflowers

    Low maintenance mix that thrives in sandy soils
    Contains a vibrant variety of annual and perennial wildflowers
    Suitable for use in road construction, sand pits and on free draining sites

    From £18.60 £15.50 Ex. VAT
  • Yellow Rattle Wildflower

    Yellow Rattle Wildflower

    Helps to outcompete weeds in your meadow
    Weakens existing grasses so that its flora can flourish
    An attractive perennial that delights year after year

    From £48.00 £40.00 Ex. VAT
  • Roadside & Roundabouts Wildflowers

    Roadside & Roundabouts Wildflowers

    Contains RHS Plants for Pollinators wildflowers
    Brings wildlife back to road verges & roundabouts
    Produces vibrant and versatile flora and natural wildlife habitat

    From £18.00 £15.00 Ex. VAT

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We believe in the best of British - Wildflower Seeds UK

Have you ever heard of the Spanish Bluebell? Well, it became quite the controversial character in early 2019, as botanists feared that the British Bluebell would become extinct, as sightings of its Spanish sister began to become a little too frequent and familiar in the UK. Yet, scientists recently ruled that the British Bluebell had a genetic advantage over its Spanish counterpart, and because it grew in such abundance already throughout the UK, its resilience would always out compete the Spanish Bluebell.

Whilst they may have Latin names, our wildflower seeds are 100% British. They are grown here, sown here, and bloom for many years to come, all in the UK. We believe its important to preserve and restore our local and national biodiversity, and we can only do that by reinstating what existed before, our native and naturally-occurring wildflowers. Whether its an annuals mix, an annuals and perennials mix or an annuals and perennials mix with grass, our wildflower seeds are, and will always be 100% UK native.

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