Why should you feed birds in winter?

Why should you feed birds in winter?
Why should you feed birds in winter?

Winter can be a challenging time for birds in our garden birds, find out why leaving out food for them can help them to overcome some of those challenges.

From spring through to winter, each season brings with it a new host of challenging obstacles that birds will have to face and overcome. Winter is arguably one of the most difficult seasons for birds as their natural food sources are scarce, temperatures are low, and they must work hard to preserve energy in a bid to keep themselves warm. During periods of bad weather, birds will come to rely on your feeders as an essential source of food.

Discover some of the reasons why we should feed birds in winter;

Natural food sources are low

During the winter months, the natural food sources that birds would have relied on during summer and autumn will have reduced significantly. The soil surface will become cold and may often be covered in a sheet of snow or ice so any insects will have burrowed deep beneath, making it almost impossible for birds to reach them. Berries also run very low during winter, and any that may be left on the bushes could get blown away by wind or left damaged due to high rainfall.

Less time for foraging

Shorter days during the winter months mean that the time birds have available to forage around our gardens and surrounding spaces for food is significantly shorter. Because food sources are so depleted during these months, birds will already need to spend longer looking for food. But with a shortened day and harsher weather conditions, this only becomes more and more difficult. In the end, the birds will waste valuable energy and time searching for food that may not be there.

To help preserve energy

Having a fully loaded bird table or feeder in your garden will help birds to preserve and store their energy during the winter months. During these months, they will require energy to keep warm. They will need to lay down fat reserves to help them through the longer winter nights. Some bird species need to consume as much as a third of their bodyweight during daylight hours every single day just to survive the cold winter nights. So, you can imagine how glad they will be to find a full table of bird food waiting for them on your feeders and tables!

To help them prepare for spring mating

When birds have access to more nutrients in winter, the spring mating season will be more successful. Chicks will have healthier weights, and egg laying will happen earlier. By keeping your garden birds fully stocked with an array of ingredients, you will not only help them in the short term but also for months ahead in the Spring.

Choosing a bird food for winter

Birds will be actively searching for food sources during the winter, so by having a fully stocked table during those months, you can almost guarantee that they will visit you. They will be keen to source any food that is high in fat, energy, and protein. Our REFRESH: Extra Energy contains a well-balanced feed for birds. The ingredients in this mixture have been carefully selected for the benefits that they will provide to the birds during the winter months. Energy rich ingredients like suet pellets, peanuts, and raisins along with calorie loaded niger seeds will ensure that the birds have a varied and substantial diet. Each of these ingredients provide the birds with a boost of essentials protein and fats, helping them to effectively store energy and keep themselves warm during colder temperatures.