When to use lawn weed and feed

When to use lawn weed and feed

When to use lawn weed and feed

Taking care of your lawn requires regular attention to keep it looking its best, and one crucial aspect is dealing with weeds while providing proper nutrition to your grass. And that’s where weed and feed comes in! Lawn weed and feed products are specially designed to eliminate weeds while nourishing your lawn at the same time, and knowing when and how to apply these treatments is key. So, keep reading to explore the significance of weed and feed, for helpful advice on the best times of the year to use it, and for some essential tips on achieving a lush, weed-free lawn.

Understanding Weed and Feed

Lawn weed and feed products like our Feed, Weed and Mosskiller are fertilisers that carry out three tasks in one application. The fertiliser component feeds your grass to help it grow healthy and vibrant, while the weed and moss killer components tackle common UK weeds and eradicate moss. Combining these into one solution simplifies your lawn care routine and reduces the need for separate treatments.

The Importance of Timing

Timing is crucial when it comes to weed and feed application. Applying the product at the right time ensures maximum effectiveness in eliminating weeds and promoting healthy grass growth. Generally, there are two primary periods for weed and feed application:

Spring Application

One of the most common times to apply weed and feed is early spring, usually between March and April. This is when your grass starts actively growing again after winter dormancy. Applying weed and feed during this period prevents weeds from taking hold while providing your grass with the necessary nutrients for consistent growth throughout the spring. It also strengthens your grass in preparation for summer, when you’re likely to see more traffic from your family, kids, and pets.

Autumn Application

Autumn is another great time to apply weed and feed for lawns, typically in September or early October. Applying a treatment at this time of year will target weeds starting germination in late summer and early autumn, which prevents them from becoming a nuisance the following year. The fertiliser component in the product also helps your lawn develop a strong root system before winter. This will give it better resistance to winter grass diseases and help kick-start its growth again the following spring.

Tips for how and when to weed and feed lawns:

Consider the following tips to achieve the best results when using weed and feed:

  • Apply only on an established lawn (6 months + old)
  • Before applying any fertiliser, ensure you have completed all the necessary maintenance tasks for your lawn, such as scarifying and removing weeds by hand where possible.
  • If your soil is compacted or dry before applying lawn feed, it is advisable to aerate and water it, making it easier for the soil to absorb the nutrients.
  • Schedule your lawn mowing session 3-4 days before applying the fertiliser.
  • Apply the fertiliser’s suggested spreading rate, then spread either by hand or using a spreader.
  • Spreading fertiliser on an overcast day or evening is recommended.
  • Rinse off the fertiliser from the grass blades to prevent burning and damage to the existing grass.
  • Consider applying granular lawn feed when rain is expected. This allows nature to do a lot of the work for you.
  • If it’s not due to rain on the day you’ve planned to fertilise, you can use a hose or sprinkler system to water it off and keep watering it until the granules have dissolved completely.
  • Remove / water off any footwear you were wearing during the application of the fertiliser to avoid any risk of damage to newly laid patios/stone flag flooring.

We recommend you wait 48 hours after applying fertiliser before using your lawn again and keep kids and pets away to give your lawn time to absorb the nutrients undisturbed.

Knowing when to weed and feed lawns helps your grass

Achieving a beautiful, weed-free lawn is possible with the right care and timely application of weed and feed treatments for lawns. By understanding the importance of timing and following the recommended guidelines, you can effectively control weeds while providing your lawn with the necessary nutrients to help it grow vibrantly green and healthy again. Make weeding and feeding a part of your lawn care routine, and enjoy a lush, thriving garden that you can be proud of throughout the year.

If you have any questions about using lawn food, weed and feed fertilisers or would like advice on how to improve your lawn care routine, please get in touch; we are always happy to help.

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