Great Lawns Made Simple: How and when to cut grass

Great Lawns Made Simple: How and when to cut grass

Next up in our video series Great Lawns Made Simple we're looking at How and When to Cut Grass.

After sowing, your lawn starts to grow, and the grass will need the first cut. Young grass plants are vulnerable and should be at least 7cm high before cutting.

Find out how and when to cut grass in our latest video guide:

How and when to cut grass tips mentioned in this video:

  • You only need to remove a third of the blade height. It helps if you have a mower with adjustable blades so you can raise the blades to take less off - known as a high cut.
  • If you cut grass too short, it can weaken your grass seedlings. To keep grass strong and healthy, remember the one-third rule.
  • Make sure your lawnmower is serviced since sharp blades cut grass better. Also, remember never to cut wet grass. It is dangerous and just drags and rips the grass rather than cutting it cleanly. A tip is to not cut early in the morning when there is dew on the grass and wait until the sun has had time to dry off the grass.
  • Grass grows at different rates throughout the year but should be cut regularly to keep it healthy and green. This can mean every week in summer.
  • Your grass cuttings can go into your compost (a great source of nitrogen-rich material) or the green/brown bin for collection.
  • If you want a striped lawn, this can be achieved by mowing in very straight lines in opposite directions. The effect of the stripes is light reflecting on the grass blades as they are bent in different directions.

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