What is a clover lawn?

What is a clover lawn

A clover lawn creates a beneficial habitat for local wildlife and helps increase the variety of pollinators and insects in your garden. Clover was common in most UK gardens in the early 1900s thanks to its sweet smells, pretty looks and benefits to wildlife. Even though it offered considerable advantages to the garden and local bees and pollinators, it got relegated to the weed category shortly after World War 2. However, in recent years, clover has reappeared due to the public awareness of the importance of preserving the British natural ecosystem. 

With more people going out of their way to preserve the environment, clover lawns are once again being embraced for the remarkable benefits they offer nature! One of the best ways to do this is by creating a clover lawn in your garden.

Clover stays green, smells great and doesn’t require much maintenance

Due to its deep roots, a clover lawn stays vibrantly green all year round. It also retains its colour in even the driest UK summers. It also stays visually pleasing throughout the year, giving off a sweet nectar smell and requires way less trimming than regular grass.

Clover lawns are low-growing, so you don’t need to mow them often to keep them under control. But, if you decide your lawn needs a mow, set your mower on its lowest setting.

Reasons why a clover lawn is good

Clover provides a climate-smart solution for your garden, which naturally helps balance nitrogen levels in your soil; it acts as a natural fertiliser that helps grasses grow. It also requires less water than grass lawns and attracts bees and pollinators who love sweet nectar. With bees now under more pressure than ever, adding this beneficial plant to your lawn will help their colonies recover. So, there has never been a better time to plant clover in your garden than now!

Clover acts as a natural fertiliser

Most people know that using granular fertilisers helps keep your lawn green and healthy. However, many people aren’t aware that clover can naturally fix the nitrogen balance in your garden soil. This means that it acts as a natural fertiliser plant.

For this reason, it tends to grow well in areas with poor soil and where grass struggles to grow. These areas are often nitrogen-deficient; clover takes nitrogen from the air and releases it into the soil. This gives you a healthier lawn.

Adding clover to your lawn will also help you save money since you won’t need to buy fertiliser. Since it doesn’t require as much maintenance as a grass garden lawn, you will have more free time to enjoy your garden!

Clover brings natural diversity

Like wildflowers, clover satisfies the needs of many bugs, bees, pollinators and birds. Clover nectar attracts bees and butterflies, and its quilted growth across your lawn provides a habitat for many creatures, large and small. By planting clover in your garden, you will support your local wildlife and assist in pollinating fruit trees, flowers, vegetables and other plants.

Clover kills other weeds

Clover is a beautiful and durable plant that pushes other weeds out of the way so that it can take over. Growing clover does not allow traditional UK garden weeds to thrive; instead, it sweeps across your lawn and produces dainty, sweet-smelling flowers. This means you can rid your garden of weeds without using a weedkiller. As a bonus, your garden will be covered in beautiful clover that benefits local wildlife!

A clover lawn benefits your garden, nature and wildlife

So now you’re aware of how clover helps your garden and local wildlife thrive, and it’s so easy to grow that you don’t need to find a four-leaf clover to make it work! It provides a superb habitat and is a great food source for many creatures, and it fights against weeds, so you don’t have to! It is also easy to add to your lawn and does most of the work itself, and you can even mix it with your regular grass seed or scatter it over your existing lawn.

If you’re interested in growing a clover lawn or have any questions about adding clover to your garden, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.