How to: Sow your seed

How to: Sow your seed

Learn how to sow your seed with our informative D.I.Y video.

Prepare your seedbed before you sow your seed

Getting your lawn ready for sowing grass seed is easy if you follow your guide. Preparing and taking your time will mean you can sow your seed confidently and efficiently, which ensures you get the beautiful garden lawn you've been hoping for!

  • Dig the soil over to a depth of 20-25cm
  • Remove weeds by hand (if in a small area) or using Feed, Weed and Moss Killer across the area.
  • Allow the area to cultivate for 10-14 days; this will encourage any dormant weeds to appear on the surface, which can then be removed by hand.

Learn how to get the best conditions for growing grass seed in our 'How to prepare the perfect seedbed' guide.

Tip:  Leave the ground to cultivate naturally for 10-14 days. This will bring any remaining sneaky weeds to the surface that can be pulled out by hand. However, if you have used our Feed, Weed and Moss Killer - you can skip this step.

Divide the ground into m2 sections

Mark out your lawn into m2 sections so you can cover the ground evenly - just like Ross did using our IMPRESS: Clay Master Lawn Seed.

Spread the seed by hand or by using a spreader at the recommended rate:

  • If you are sowing a new lawn, you should sow at 50g per m2
  • If you are overseeding an existing lawn, you should sow at 35g per m2

Lightly rake over the soil so the seed has good contact with the soil and then firm down by foot.


Now you have sown your grass seed; you just need to make sure the soil remains moist for the weeks that follow. This means you should water your seedlings daily for 6-8 weeks after sowing. But you can let nature do the work for you on days when it's raining.