How to Sow Seed Video

Sowing grass from seed is an amazing way to see lush green spaces come to life. Check out our How to Sow Grass Seed Video

As we say here at The Grass People “Perform or Play, Landscape or Great escape”, no matter what the purpose is, the advice is the same. A little effort in the beginning means much better results.

Always take the time to prepare your soil, you wouldn’t get into a lumpy badly made bed so make sure your seed bed is right for your seeds.



Digging over the soil is ideal as it creates a top layer of good growing conditions for the seeds. This should be at least 15cm in depth.

TIP: Dig in some well rotted manure for a healthy boost to your soil

Take the weeds out – by hand (make sure you get all the roots). This is really worth it as growing weeds steal nutrients from the young grass plants and will stifle grass growth.

TIP: if you leave the soil for a few weeks you will be able to get rid of many more weeds before the seeds go in.

Take the big stones out and get the ground level by first “doing the penguin” which is treading the ground with little shuffling steps then rake the soil in several directions.


If you have a large area it is a good idea to mark out into sections so you can cover the ground evenly. Spread the seed per metre as directed at a depth of around 10mm.

Lightly rake over the soil so seed has good contact with soil and then lightly tread. Seeds need air too so don’t compact too much.

  • Water evenly and lightly and don’t forget to keep moist.
  • Remember - Left dry the seeds can die.
  • Keep off the ground and keep away the birds as they may snack on your seeds.

Your bag of living stuff is ready to grow, give it the best start and you will be rewarded with great grass.

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