Top 6 landscape design tips

Top 6 landscape design tips
Top 6 landscape design tips
A well completed landscape project is extremely rewarding and best of all with a clever plan it can be easily created. Even if the space has never been designed before, creating a new garden can not only makes the area look beautiful but also add value to the property.

Follow our easy landscape planning tips to create something truly special:

  • Look to the property or area for landscape inspiration

When planning out your landscape embrace the style of the surrounding property or area and try to include this design. For example when designing a garden for a rural cottage its best to design the garden in line with the rural look, whereas an ultra-modern simplistic design will more than likely not match.
Or if you are tasked with creating a landscape for a luxury inner city housing development a more contemporary simplistic style may be more suited to this project.

  • Create a strategy for your landscape design

Your landscape strategy should include the ‘who, why, what and when’ of the new design.
Who will use the garden? Families or purely ornamental etc.
Why is this area being landscaped? Domestic garden purposes, decoration of a building or other reasons.
What will be included in this landscape? Flowers, plants, grasses and other features will you include in your design. Do you want to attract bee or bird etc.?
When will the work be carried out? Consider time of the year will planting/sowing, growth period and length or total project.

  • Draw out a plan

Create a master plan for your landscape, but work in manageable phases. Keep the budget in check and get the maximum effect by focusing on small projects that are part of the big picture. When one project is complete, move to the next.

  • Make your landscape design season proof

Plants, flowers and even grass grow at different rates as the seasons change. When choosing what to include in your landscape design consider growth throughout the year and think about ways to make your landscape attractive all year — blooming bulbs for spring, annual beds and planters during summer, shrubs with brightly coloured leaves in the autumn and luscious evergreens for the winter.

  • Include trees in your landscape design

Not only do trees benefit the environment by removing pollution from the air, but they can also make an enormous difference to the look, feel and value of a property’s garden. Bear in mind over shadowing the lawn though, huge trees can damage grass and block out natural sunlight.

  • User starter fertilisers

At The Grass People we recommend using a starter fertiliser not only before you sow grass seed but before you plant anything. Starter fertilisers can provide a great boost to new plantings. A good starter fertiliser combined with good soil preparation and planting technique will ensure good growth.

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