The Grass People’s Bird Shop

The Grass People’s Bird Shop
Welcome to The Grass People’s Bird Shop. We are happy to announce the launch of our range of high-quality bird food, bird tables, bird feeders, nesting boxes and accessories for bugs, bees, and hedgehogs.

When The Grass People launched back in 2015 as a grass seed specialist, we knew straightaway that one day we would take things a step further to help our customers create a habitat for local wildlife! Fast forward a few years, and we began gradually introducing wild bird food to our catalogue in preparation for the day when we could open our very own bird shop.

We have achieved our goal! Today, we showcase an exciting range of bird food and accessories for you and nature to enjoy!

A bird shop for wild bird food and accessories

Our drive to achieve this was fuelled by our desire to provide a range of high-quality food for birds for a wide range of bird breeds and their unique feeding requirements. As a result, we have refined our bird shop range, and it is now ready to help you create a living environment in your garden for wild birds and local wildlife.

Welcome nature into your garden

If you’re like us and you love garden birds, you will want to invite more wild birds into your garden. Our selection of morish bird foods for peckish birds is a great way to bring the locals to your house. Together with our bird feeding tables, hanging bird feeders or bird feeding stations, bird baths and nesting boxes, you’ll be giving them a haven where they can build a community. Not to mention that you may even encourage some local birds, hedgehogs, or bees to move in, call your garden home, and maybe start a family.

Shop our premium wild bird foods

Our expert selection of wild bird foods is very nutritious and balanced. We have tailored it to suit a wide variety of bird breeds and their active lifestyles.

Birdkind 100% wheat and filler-free bird foods

Our bird food mixes are ideal for UK garden birds, helping them keep their energy levels high as they fly, forage and frolic about their daily activities. We also guarantee that our bird food is 100% wheat and filler-free, which means there's less mess, and fuss-free, and it is better for the birds!

You can find our full range of bird food below:

  • Four Season Feast: This mix includes a balanced variety of seeds, nuts, and oats for feeding wild birds all year round.
  • Robin Ready: We have included kibbled ingredients to suit smaller beaked birds. This mix is perfect for songbirds like robins, wrens, thrushes, and blackbirds love this seed mix.
  • Summer Glow: This everyday feed is ideal for spring and summer and helps to keep birds’ energy levels high since it is rich in energising nutrients.
  • Winter Wellness: This mix gives your garden birds great energy boosts and is ideal for winter. It features a very nutritious and oily mixture of nuts and seeds.
  • Everyday Essentials: A nutritious and wholesome mix for all birds, big and small.

Bird Feeders and Bird Feeding Tables

When it comes to selecting a suitable feeding area for birds in your garden, we like to think that we are on the same page as you. We select only stable and durable designs that are easy to clean and maintain. The safety and reliability of bird tables and feeding stations are as important as how they look – but we make sure they look great also. All our bird tables, hanging bird feeders and bird feeding stations are made using long-lasting materials with stylish designs that will suit every garden.

Bird Baths and Nesting Boxes

Bird baths and nesting boxes add to your garden's habitable environment, giving local birds a safe place to relax, bathe and clean after a long day of flying and foraging. We have a selection of hanging and free-standing baths that are durable and stylish. And since they are raised off the ground, birds will be safe from predators while they prune their feathers.

Our nesting boxes feature secure mounts and are made using natural materials, and they are well-insulated. This ensures your backyard visitors will be safe and warm in the cooler months. Above all else, our nesting boxes give your birds a safe place to create a nest, lay eggs and raise their young.

Houses for Hedgehogs, Bugs and Bees

Invite a family of nature into your garden with our hedgehogs, bugs, and bee range. We have a collection of rustic and natural houses that blend seamlessly with nature and give your visitors a place to call come. Our hedgehog homes, insect houses and bee boxes are sure to bring a new wave of life to your garden – and you’re helping nature thrive while doing so.

The Grass People’s Bird Shop

Thank you for stopping by The Grass People’s Bird Shop, and we hope you feel inspired to enhance the living environment for your garden regulars. You can also make your garden more appealing to birds, bugs and bees by adding wildflowers, and we have a range of seed mix options to suit all soil types. If you have any questions when picking food for your local birds, or would like some advice on how to set up the perfect living environment, then please get in touch.