The best garden lawns of 2023

The best garden lawns of 2023
We are coming towards the end of summer 2023 and many of you have sent us your Before & After photos showcasing your wonderful garden lawns!

We received lots of Before and After photos from customers who purchased grass seed from us this year (all who get a complimentary discount code as a thank you from us!), and we have decided to share some of our favourite photos of garden lawns that have been sent our way this year so far.

Andy Stott - Used SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn

Andy's gardening skills are fantastic, and he shared this Before and After to show us how well his garden lawn is growing. These photos show our SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn growing beautifully!

garden lawn before and after images

Ceri - Used SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn

Ceri also used our SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn grass seed mix to create a perfectly green garden lawn that will surely catch the eye of any passersby!

garden before and after

Naomi Kellman - Used FAMILY: Kids and Pets

Naomi used our Pre-Seed Fertiliser to give her soil a nutrient boost before sowing our FAMILY: Kids and Pets grass seed mix and the results are stunning, wouldn't you agree?

back garden with perfect growing grass

Andrew - Used Simply Seed

Andrew used our Simply Seed grass seed mix to cover the entirety of his lawn, giving him a lovely green garden lawn.

garden renovation

Lee Wood - Used IMPRESS: Clay Master

Lee chose our IMPRESS: Clay Master seed mix to get grass growing in his clay soil garden. The outcome is a beautiful showcase garden lawn, and he has also masterfully mowed statement stripes into it!

back garden fresh grass seed

Kerri and Kieran - Used SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn

Kerri and Kieran picked our SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn to bring the glow back into their garden, and the outcome is a fantastic garden lawn for the whole family to enjoy!

garden comparison photos

Nathan - Used SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn and STEADFAST: Shade

Nathan told us, "I’m not a gardener of any kind, just a lawn lover, and do all this for free to help people out. It’s good to be kind." And what a wonderful job he has done for his lucky neighbours! The photos of the following lawn projects are all from Nathan; we felt the kindness he has offered to others in his area by revitalising their garden lawns is definitely worth celebrating! Nathan has used our SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn and our STEADFAST: Shade seed mixes for these projects.

new growing grass
comparison before and after grass photos
garden lawn grass seed images
STEADFAST Shade grass seed before and afters

Shaun - Used SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn

The closing image of this post is the stellar lawn that Shaun has created using our SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn grass seed. As you can see, he also mowed stripes into his garden to give it a jaw-dropping finish!

ECO: Clover Lawn is blooming in gardens across the UK!

Special thank you to Kate and Debra for sharing some photos of our ECO: Clover Lawn thriving in their garden and looking as beautiful as ever!

Kate - Used ECO: Clover Lawn

Debra - Used ECO: Clover Lawn

Thank you for sending us Before and After Garden Lawn Photos!

Thank you to everyone who has sent us photos of their lawns so far this year! We really appreciate it when customers send us photos of their garden lawn projects, whether it be using our grass seed, wildflower seeds or lawn fertiliser. We offer a discount code for all Before & After photos you send to us for sharing on social media, on our website and here on our blog.