How to: The first cut

How to: The first cut

How to: The first cut
If you have arrived at this video, then your lawn is ready for its first cut!

At around the 6 week mark when your new lawn is hitting 5-7cm, it is time to give it its first cut. Cutting your grass properly the first time around, and in subsequent mows will contribute to its overall health.


  1. Check your lawn mower is safe, your electrical cord is not split/exposed.
  2. Check that your lawn mower blades are sharp (be careful!)
  3. Your grass should be at least 5 - 7cm before cutting
  4. Do not cut too short as this can weaken the grass
  5. Never remove more than a third of the blade height
  6. Never mow wet grass

Following the first cut, make sure to continue to mow your grass at the correct length. For lawns that are for general use, the recommended mowing height is 20-40mm. If you try to mow shorter than this, you may hack your lawn (cut too short). Fescues are often found in ornamental / bowling green style lawns, where the recommend mowing height would be 10-20mm. We have recommended mowing heights for all our mixes:

Grass Seed Mix  Recommended Mowing Height
SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn / FAMILY: Kids and Pets 20 - 40mm
IMPRESS: Clay Master 20 - 40mm
THRIVE: Sandy Soils 20 - 40mm
STEADFAST: Shade 20 - 40mm
STEADFAST: Ultra Shade 20 - 40mm
RESTORE: Self-Repair 20 - 40mm
ROBUST: Coastal Sand & Salt 20 - 40mm
STATEMENT: Front Lawn 10 - 20mm

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