Sowing Lawn Seed – Best Practice Tips

Sowing Lawn Seed – Best Practice Tips

When sowing lawn seed, a little effort in the beginning means much better results. Check out these top tips to get a luscious green lawn from seed.

Prepare the seedbed

  • The seedbed needs to be at least 150mm. You can do this by digging the soil with a spade or using a rotavator.
  • Remove stones and dig out the weeds
  • Let it settle for 10-14 days and tackle any returning weeds
  • Firm the ground by doing a bit of penguin walking or shuffling in small steps, then rake the soil over in several directions.
  • Spread a slow-release fertiliser and rake it into the soil.

Sowing the lawn seed

  • Using string or sand, divide the area into sections for spreading - this helps control the amount of lawn seed you will sow.
  • Spread the lawn seed, either by hand or using a spreader or drill
  • Always follow the instructions on the label
  • Sow the lawn seed between 5mm and 10mm. That’s about 3-pound coins
  • Rake soil lightly over the seed, then tread lightly to firm in
  • Water the seed a little and often – ensure not to flood the seed.

For more details on sowing lawn seed, read our guide on How to sow a lawn with grass seed