Rolled Turf Vs Grass Seed

Okay, Okay, so of course being The Grass People we are the ultimate grass seed advocates and in our own biased opinion that old rolled turf is the arch enemy. But for the sake of a good debate we are taking a step back to look at a customer’s first question, which is best grass seed or rolled turf?

A lawn from seed


  • Grass seed is much cheaper, for example SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn costs only 30p per square metre.
  • Grass seed is easy and fast to spread.
  • Seed has a long shelf life - it can be stored until you are ready to sow it.
  • Seed mixtures are specially blended to suit different surfaces, so you can choose which is best suited to your lawns needs.
  • There are a wide range of mixtures available which are specially blended to suit different surfaces from shade tolerant mixtures to sports field seed.


  • Seed can take from 3-6 weeks to establish so you need to keep off during that time.
  • Before establishment grass needs to be protected from birds and other animals that will try to eat the seeds.

A turf lawn - the pros and cons


  • Looks good immediately after laying
  • For laying turf the soil does not need quite as much soil preparation as seed.
  • No waiting for the seeds to grow


  • Not only is rolled turf is expensive but watch out for delivery charges
  • Rolled turf must be laid as soon as it is delivered
  • The turf can already have weed seeds in it
  • It is relatively heavy so laying it is difficult
  • When laid it must be kept moist while establishing or else it will shrink and gaps may appear.

Find out how to sow grass seed here.

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