How to Repair your Lawn – tips for patches and holes

When looking at your lawn you notice a few patches, bumps or holes. Maybe it’s down to the dog digging, kids playing or bad weather. Nevertheless it’s really important to act quickly and repair damaged grass.

How to repair thin or bald patches in your lawn

When your lawn patches appear you can rescue the section by overseeding. To get the best results carry out overseeding when conditions are at optimum, between April – September.

Follow these easy steps to overseed patches:

  1. Rake away any clippings, stones or debris from the patchy section
  2. Scarify to remove any moss and loosen soil
  3. Use a quick release fertiliser to boost the soil
  4. Moisten the effected soil
  5. Generously sprinkle the seed onto the grass evenly at a rate of 25g per square metre
  6. Water the area after reseeding.

The quick release fertiliser will give the damaged grass the quick boost it needs in preparation for reseeding, basically it will help your lawn grow and fill out more quickly. To avoid grass blade burning apply fertiliser evenly on an overcast day or in the evening when it’s not too hot. Ensure you water off the fertiliser from the grass blades after application or to save a little time apply fertiliser just before rainfall.

How to repair holes in your grass

If the holes are only slight then repairing the grass is ‘easy peasey’ with a little top dressing but anything more than 1/2″ deep you will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Using a half moon edging iron and spade remove the damaged grass by cutting the section out in a square shape.
  2. Gently forking over the remaining soil in the section.
  3. Sprinkle compost or top soil over the section.
  4. Sow the grass seed over the base at a rate of 50g per sq metre.
  5. Sprinkle a small amount of compost or top soil on the seed to protect it from birds.
  6. Keep the new seed watered, don’t overdo it but enough to keep the soil moist.

Top Tips for Repairing Lawn Holes

For best results consider germinating the seed before sowing it. - Add the seed to some moist compost in a bucket and cover well - Store somewhere warm for around 3 days - When you see small white roots developing, sow the mixture as above.

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