Maintaining a clover lawn UK

Maintaining a clover lawn UK
Maintaining a clover lawn UK

Maintaining a clover lawn in the UK is easy since it’s low maintenance and requires very little aftercare. Even though a clover lawn’s needs are minimal compared to a traditional lawn, there are a few important tasks you need to do to ensure your clover grows well and thrives for years to come. These extra steps will also ensure it benefits the environment and can provide more food for bees and pollinators.

Tips for maintaining your ECO: Clover Lawn in the UK

Clover is a hardy plant that requires very little maintenance, and there are things you can do to assist its growth when growing a clover lawn in the UK. So, aside from the small amount of essential care, any additional steps you take when growing your clover lawn are down to personal preference.

Essential UK clover lawn care


Watering your clover seeds after sowing is one of the only essential parts of clover lawn maintenance. We recommend you water your clover regularly for the first four weeks after sowing, until it’s fully established. This is because keeping your clover seeds moist speeds up their germination rate.

Thanks to our ECO: Clover Lawn’s clever rooting system, you don’t have to water your clover lawn as often as regular grass seed. This means there’s less work for you to carry out, and it’s ideal for those wanting to cut back on their water use.

Optional clover lawn care to help it thrive


Since clover lawns are low-growing, you don’t need to worry about mowing too often. However, you will still need to mow your grass from time to time when it gets long, so set your mower to its medium/high setting, so you do not cut the clover.

Avoid using fertiliser

Clover usually outgrows and eliminates typical garden weeds on your lawn. But some pesky weeds may remain, and if this is the case, you can take the time to remove them by hand. Do not be tempted to use a product like Feed, Weed & Mosskiller, as this will also target the clover.

Since clover can naturally fix the nitrogen balance in your garden soil, it acts as a natural fertiliser plant. With this nitrogen-fixing ability, clover will produce more than enough nitrogen to keep your garden green and healthy without the help of any additional fertiliser!

Clover lawn UK maintenance and upkeep

As we have mentioned, clover is a low-maintenance plant and our ECO: Clover Lawn, while it does require mowing every now and again, it doesn’t need much care. As long as you water the seeds after sowing, your clover lawn will be beautifully green and benefit bees, pollinators, local wildlife and the environment.

If you have any questions about our ECO: Clover Lawn or would like some advice on your garden, please send us a message; we are happy to help.