The last grass mow of the season

The last grass mow of the season

Although putting away the lawnmower signals the end of summer, it is a welcome sight for most homeowners after a busy season of great grass growth!

Whilst the last grass mow marks the beginning of the autumn winter wind-down, let’s remember that grass never stops growing - it only slows down.

As we get into the autumn months the frequency of mowing will reduce gradually. In June, July and August you may have been mowing once or twice a week. Approaching September, it is time to further reduce this to once every 10 days and going into October, once a fortnight will suffice. If you find that since your last cut at the end of October your grass is still quite high, consider one final cut in November.

The aim of autumn / winter mowing is to top the grass and to never cut too short in the winter. If you cut too short, you leave the blades susceptible to frost and disease damage. All of our grass seed mixes have recommended mowing heights, so it is advised that you aim for slightly higher than these for your last grass cut. 

Before winter approaches it is also a good idea to apply a fertiliser to strengthen and protect your grass from harsh conditions over winter. ensuring that it emerges bigger, brighter and better come spring!

Grass Seed Mix

Recommended Mowing Height

SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn / FAMILY: Kids and Pets 20-40mm
THRIVE: Sandy Soils 20-40mm
ROBUST: Coastal Sand & Salt 20-40mm
STATEMENT: Front Lawn 10-20mm
RESTORE: Self Repair Lawn 20-40mm
STEADFAST: Shade 20-40mm