The last lawn cut of the year

The last lawn cut of the year
Throughout the UK homeowners will be considering when to last mow their lawn. One thing for certain is that the last cut is never at the same time in Edinburgh as it is in Newquay, and it will be different everywhere in between.
The increased showers of rain during September made for good growing conditions and many will have noticed the lawn needing mowed more frequently.Now during October as it the temperature beings to drop, the grass growth has slowed. This means we are nearing the last cut of the year, so it’s time to raise the cutting height of your mower.During the colder months we are really aiming to simply top the lawn or in other words just trim the blades and keep it tidy.

Autumn / winter lawn mowing yips:

  1. Raise the blade to the highest point
  2. Aim to simply top the grass
  3. Remove any leaves from the lawn with the lawnmower or a rake
  4. Avoid cutting the grass on a frosty or overly wet day
If you live in a mild area you may be able to top your grass in December but for most people it will be late October or November.

Consider fertilising your lawn for winter protection

Many gardeners are now fertilising their lawn during autumn in order to keep it protected and nurtured during the harsh weather Winter months can bring.There are 2 options for winter fertilisers, SLOW RELEASE: Autumn/Winter will strengthen grass roots and leaves to give protection throughout the Winter resulting in a healthier sward the following Spring across four months. QUICK RELEASE: Autumn / Winter will provide feed coverage to help your lawn fend off frost and winter diseases over 6 weeks.View our range of fertilisers here.