Landscaper Grass Seed

Landscaper Grass Seed
Landscaper Grass Seed
For professional landscapers compromising on quality is not an option, therefore The Grass People offer premium quality seed mixtures for domestic and amenity areas.

Whether your landscaper project is to create a multi-purpose sports area or a luxurious, bowling green style lawn we have expertly selected varieties to create mixtures to serve all landscaper purposes.

All our landscaper grass seed is available in 10kg bags which cover up to 285 metres squared and 20kg bags which cover over 570 metres squared based on a seeding rate of 35grams per metre squared. This can be adjusted dependent on if you are overseeding or reseeding.

All Rounder Grass Seed

All Rounder Grass Seed is a great multi-purpose seed mixture suitable for anything from back gardens to country parks.

  • Quick to establish
  • Hardwearing
  • Attractive green finish.

Mixture Breakdown

Perennial Ryegrass - 50%, Chewings Fescue - 15% and Strong Creeping Red Fescue - 35%.

Fine Finish Grass Seed

If you are tasked with creating a golf course or bowling green lawn look, Fine Finish Grass Seed is the perfect choice.

  • Fine leafed lawn
  • For low traffic areas
  • Requires extra care.

Mixture Breakdown: Strong Creeping Red Fescue - 70%, Chewings Fescue - 20% and Slender Creeping Red Fescue - 10%.

Verges & Embankments

Verges & Embankments is particularly useful for those working to tender specifications for use on highway verges, embankments and roundabouts.

  • Rapid ground cover
  • Prevent gully erosion
  • Nitrogen-fixing and sustainable

Mixture Breakdown: Strong Creeping Red Fescue - 30%, Perennial Ryegrass - 40%, Slender Creeping Red Fescue - 10%, Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass - 10%, Highland Browntop Bentgrass - 7.5% and White Clover - 2.5%.

Low Upkeep Grass Seed

Low Upkeep Grass Seed is a blend of slow-growing fescues designed for areas where low maintenance is required such as caravan parks and holiday homes.

  • Tolerant of drought
  • Tolerant to low nutrients.

Mixture Breakdown: Strong Creeping Red Fescue - 50%, Chewings Fescue - 30% and Sheep Fescue - 20%.

Self Repairing Lawn Seed

Self Repairing Lawn Seed creates a self-repairing grass lawn - the perfect choice for large areas which receive high levels of traffic such as parks and other public areas.

  • Includes creeping perennial ryegrass variety, Zurich
  • Mend itself after wear and tear
  • Cuts out regular reseeding

Mixture Breakdown: Zurich Creeping Perennial Ryegrass - 40%, Slender Creeping Red Fescue - 10% and Strong Creeping Red Fescue - 50%

Simply Seed

Perfect for landscaping projects with an economical approach. It is a good multipurpose mixture which grows quickly and provides an attractive green.

  • Economical landscapers solution
  • Strong and durable grass coverage
  • Quick to establish

Mixture Breakdown: Perennial Ryegrass - 85% and Strong Creeping Red Fescue - 15%

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