Kick back, relax and enjoy summer in your garden!

Kick back, relax and enjoy summer in your garden!
Kick back, relax and enjoy summer in your garden!
Do you spend a lot of time in the garden? But do you really take the time to enjoy your garden.

“We’re very good, we Brits, at weeding, planting and growing, but less adept at relaxing. But chill out we must and let me persuade you that there is a deal of productivity in lying back on a sun lounger. How else can you take stock?”.

Whether it be the family fun outdoor play house, the self-sufficient vegetable producing paradise or a haven of tranquillity at home; this summer let’s all sit back, flourish in the splendour you have created and as a wise man once said, “take stock”.

Here is some of our favourite ways to escape the hustle and bustle of life without having to leave home.

  • Get outside at every opportunity

Even if you only have five minutes, bring your cup of coffee (or perhaps something a little stronger) outside to enjoy in your back garden. Consider sharing meals outside with the family too. Get yourself an outdoor table and chair set and enjoy breakfast, dinner and supper in the summer sun.

  • Host a garden party

Be the host with the most and get your friends together for a night of summer fun. Decorate your garden by putting up fairy lights, hang bunting, and of course light up the BBQ. Make your guests extra comfortable by leaving out some cosy blankets and if you can, light up a fire pit (did someone say marshmallows!). As the night gets cooler and with all your little touches your guests will unwind in a chilled out nirvana and of course you’ll be the king or queen of summer season socials.

  • Enjoy a little me time

Whenever you get the chance be sure to have some ‘me time’ and lounge in the summer sun reading a good book, listening to your favourite music or just watch the world go by. Have you got space to hang up a hammock? What would be better than to swing in the cool summer breeze, cocktail or mocktail in hand with not a care in the world.

  • Spend your time wisely

Whilst enjoying the glory of your outdoor haven why not take up a new skill. Consider learning how to knit, play guitar or even learn a new language.

Are you ready to enjoy summer in your garden?