How to keep your lawn healthy

We are now officially into spring, which is warming up nicely, and with summer on the horizon it is time to get our lawns back into shape. We suggest completing a couple of simple tasks that will help you keep your lawn healthy.

We have created an easy to use, step by step guide that will help keep your lawn not only healthy but looking fantastic too!

We have also just released an article on How to fertilise a lawn? which gives a detailed overview on how to fertilise, what you should use and why fertilising your grass is essential -  you can see the guide here [ link to article ].

5 ways to keep your grass lawn healthy:

  1. Scarifying
  2. Aeration
  3. Fertilising your grass
  4. Mowing / cutting your grass
  5. Overseeding

1. Scarifying

Scarifying your grass is a process used to remove moss and/or thatches of dead grass from your garden. See our full Scarifying guide here.

2. Aeration

We recommend you use aeration to help water and oxygen move through your soil which also helps to prevent water logging and a build-up of moss. You can see our full guide to Aeration here.

3. Fertilising your lawn

If you want to keep your grass in superb condition, colour and health you will need to be fertilising your grass at least twice per year. What should you do if you are not sure How to fertilise a lawn? you can check out our advice article here.

4. Mowing / cutting your lawn

Mowing your grass is perhaps considered the simplest of tasks, yet it can go badly wrong if you do not get the fundamentals correct.  Learning how to mow your lawn only takes a few minutes but can save you hours of repair and reseeding. Have a look at our Mowing and Grass Cutting guide here.

5. Overseeding

When you have patches in your grass or it is becoming a thin in places, overseeding will give your garden a top up of grass seed and new growth to keep your lawn looking as it should.


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