Introducing our range of food for garden birds

Introducing our range of food for garden birds
We are excited to launch our new range of filler-free wild bird food. Created to provide a well balanced and nutritious feed for a variety of wild garden birds.

Say Hello to Filler-Free Food for Garden Birds

After almost two years of product development, planning and perfecting our range, we are pleased to bring our newest range of bird food for garden birds.

Across the UK, our love affair for feeding birds only continues to grow and develop as the years move on. A pastime now enjoyed by almost six out of ten adults in the UK, it’s a hobby that is equally beneficial to both the birds and those who are feeding them.

High-Quality Filler Free Food for Garden Birds

We’d noticed that many of the mixtures being sold by other retailers were filled with wheat and fillers or that there were low levels of higher-quality nutritious food for garden birds. We knew we could do better! So, we decided to throw our 200 years of seed development knowledge behind our newest venture and start into research and science; we had a lot to learn!

Introducing Birdkind's high-quality, 100% filler-free bird food packed with nutritional goodness!

The entire Birdkind bird food range is 100% filler-free forever and approved by ornithologists. Filler-free forever is a promise that you will never buy a Birdkind bird food mix bulked up with unnecessary extras that birds don’t like and offer no nutritional benefit. This means that every mix is full of the stuff that birds love, big and small, so that you can attract more birds to your garden whilst minimising mess and fuss.

With that in mind, we got to work on creating a simple yet beneficial collection of wild bird food mixtures. We have worked alongside our expert ornithologist to ensure that our range of wild bird food would go way beyond industry standards so that each mixture would benefit a range of bird species.

Our range of wild bird food for garden birds - 

Summer Glow

This mixture was developed to help provide a well-rounded and balanced meal for birds during the summer months and the challenges that those months can bring. Although natural bird food sources are plentiful in the summer months, the obstacles that birds can face will leave them busy and tired, and that is where we come in.

Our mixture is a quick and easy to go to feed for garden birds when they are preoccupied with their summer activities of nesting and breeding. Loaded full of helpful ingredients, like calcium-rich oyster shells and oil-laden niger seeds, our mixture will greatly satisfy and please any wild garden bird.

Winter Wellness

Designed to cater to the needs of birds during the difficult winter months of the year, when food sources are scarce, and conditions are less than favourable. Birds can come up against a number of hurdles in the colder months, and with that in mind, we created our Winter Wellness feed.

This mixture is packed full of all the essential ingredients that a bird could wish for during winter. Striped sunflower, oats, and kibbled maize make up a large proportion of the mixture and have been added because of their ability to provide a high-calorie feed that will maintain energy levels for birds.

Robin Ready

Created to provide for the more vocal visitors that come into our gardens. Robins, thrushes, wrens, and blackbirds are all known for their vocal abilities, but with that comes a typically smaller and softer bill. Within our mixture, we have included kibbled ingredients and huskless seeds to accommodate those smaller billed birds while keeping them topped up with adequate energy levels, fat, and proteins.

Four Season Feast

This mixture does exactly what it says on the bag, and that is providing an easy and fuss-free feed to any wild garden bird. Our Four Season Feast mixture will appeal to a wide range of garden birds, including finches, tits, sparrows and robins, and is suited to a year-round feeding routine. The variety of seeds, nuts and oats will satisfy any garden visitors and ensure they are well fuelled for their daily activities.