Grass seed for shady soils, fertiliser and more!

Grass seed for shady soils, fertiliser and more!

Grass seed for shady soils, fertiliser and more!
They say that the customer is always right, so after we launched our IMPRESS: Clay Soils grass seed last spring due to your requests, we thought we’d give it another go! After all, you are all full of good ideas!
This autumn, we’ve created an expertly blended mix of 100% fescues to combat sandy soils in our THRIVE: Sandy Soils seed, a 100% organic fertiliser that can be applied all year round in the form of REVIVE: Organic 365, a resilient grass mix specifically for coastal areas – ROBUST: Coastal Sand and Salt, and a pollinator friendly mix for council use on Roundabouts & Roadsides. Want to know more? Scroll down!

THRIVE: Sandy Soils

We created a grass mix for those with heavy clay soils, so it felt entirely rude to not to for those with sandy soils - and here it is! We developed a 100% fescue mix that is drought and low nutrient tolerant and helps to combat the characteristics that are typical of sandy soils including dryness due to their free draining nature. With its complete content of fescues, this mix also helps to create a fine and lush sward. So, want to see your sandy soils thrive? Try it out for yourself!

REVIVE: Organic 365 Fertiliser

We often get asked when the best time to apply fertiliser is and there are a lot of variables than can come with that depending on the time of year, the weather and type of fertiliser. However, with our new REVIVE: Organic 365 Fertiliser, you can apply it all year around – although we recommend giving it a miss in December and January! Why? Well our 100% organic fertiliser is made up entirely of organic matter, and it works when microbes break it down therefore dispersing the nutrients into your soil. In cold / freezing temperatures, there is less presence of microbes so this process does not occur. The fertiliser comes in pellet form and can be spread at a rate of 70g per m2. Water the fertiliser in then leave it to its own devices to maintain a good level of greenness throughout the year, and build up your lawns drought and disease tolerance.

ROBUST: Coastal Sand and Salt

For those lucky enough to live beside or near the sea, although the scenery might be lovely, it can be hard to maintain a robust lawn. We know this, so we went ahead and made our ROBUST: Coastal Sand and Salt grass mix. An expert blend of ryegrass, fescues and bentgrass helps to create and maintain a robust, salt-tolerant sward that is quick to establish and will weather all-weather and general wear and tear from too many days enjoying the seaside and sun! So, whether you live by the sea, or get to escape there every so often to your holiday home – you can achieve a resilient lawn all year round.

Roadside & Roundabouts Wildflower Mix

We recently completed a survey in which 98.5% of you believed your council should be sowing more wildflowers! But what should they be sowing? It’s important to restore native UK wildflowers to our roadsides and roundabouts and provide year-round habitats that not only help create a home for local wildlife but can also help reduce maintenance costs for councils. Our Roadside & Roundabouts wildflower mix is exactly that – a blend of arable grasses that create a habitat and nursery for the wildflowers to grow in, and a mix of UK native annual and perennial wildflowers for a long-lasting display of blooms. The range of vibrant and versatile flora it produces will delight passers-by and local flora and fauna can greatly benefit from it too!

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