How to choose wild bird food

How to choose wild bird food

Bird food mixtures are the most popular food to offer wild birds, but there are many types of bird food and not all of them will appeal to all the birds that visit your garden. Understanding how to choose wild bird food for your local birds will ensure they’re getting the most nutritious food available and can help encourage even more species to feast at your feeders.

What wild bird food to choose

We know that choosing wild bird food and bird feeders can be daunting, especially with a large selection of seeds and feeder designs that are available. Things can also get confusing since there are different mixes for feeders and ground feeding platforms. But you will be pleased that our nutritious food mixes can be used with a wide range of bird feeders.

We have food mixes that are ideal for different seasons and different times of the year. With this in mind, we have produced this post to bring you up to speed on how to choose wild bird food!

Our high-quality wild bird food

We are proud of our Birdkind wild bird food mixes that ensure local wild birds get the most from every meal. These nutritious seed mixes provide a well-balanced meal for UK garden birds throughout the year. Conveniently, our mixtures can easily be introduced into local wild birds' feeding routines and are suitable for use with bird food tables, platforms and hanging bird feeders.

All our bird food mixtures come with our 100% wheat and filler-free promise. This ensures birds get the nutrition they need and guarantees our bird food is not packed out with things that birds don't need!

Feed birds filler free bird food

Bird food for year-round feeding

Packed with beneficial ingredients like kibbled maize and a range of sunflower seeds, our Four Season Feast Bird Food is a great year-round addition to wild birds’ diets. Kibbled maize is high in carbohydrates and is enjoyed by a wide range of UK garden birds all year round. Striped sunflower seeds are high in energy and are a healthy addition to their diet, contributing to their metabolism.

Bird food for Robins, Wrens, Thrushes, and Blackbirds

The Robin Ready Bird Food includes a mix of soft and kibbled ingredients that cater to small beaked songbirds. The mix includes maize, peanuts and sunflower hearts that are nutritious, tasty, and easy to eat for smaller birds. The kibbled maize and peanuts are broken down into small chunks. Songbirds find this effortless to eat while receiving a boost of protein, energy, and fat to get them through the day. Sunflower hearts have also removed their tough husk, making them perfect for these small, soft-billed birds.

Wild bird food for spring and summer

Spring and summer months are when birds are most active, fluttering around and scavenging for food to feed their chicks. Our Summer Glow Bird Food is a very nutritious bird food mix that offers key nutrients that help local bird populations flourish in the hustle and bustle of spring and summer. This food is also great for use throughout the year and will keep birds coming back for more. Packed with seeds, nuts and oats, this bird food offers a well-balanced and nutritious meal for all UK garden birds.

High-energy bird food for winter

The Winter Wellness Bird Food is perfect for giving wild birds a boost in the cold winter months. It includes energy-rich ingredients like suet pellets, peanuts, and raisins alongside calorie-laden niger seeds. This ensures your garden birds have a varied and substantial diet in the winter months. Additionally, these seeds enable birds to easily store energy and stay warm during colder temperatures. As a bonus, the kibbled maize, sunflower seeds and oats mean this mixture is suitable for use all year round.

Nutritious bird food for all to enjoy

If you want bird food that includes a scrumptious mix of fruit, nuts and seeds for all to enjoy, then our Everyday Essentials attracts all garden birds. This beneficial bird food mixture provides tasty and energising treats for all; it features a blend of husked and non-husked seeds, which encourages a variety of birds, big and small, to come to your garden and feed.

Choose quality wild bird food

Although birds have a large supply of natural foods to keep them going throughout the year, the additional food we offer gives them a helping hand. It is equally important to store your bird food carefully, so it stays fresher for longer. Finally, be sure you clean your hanging bird feeders, feeding stations and bird tables to ensure wild birds' hygiene is not put at risk.