How do I start feeding birds?

How do I start feeding birds?

Watching birds flock into your garden and bringing their chirpy songs with them has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. You have to admit, waking up on a summer’s day to the song of a bird is a great way to start your day!

If you are keen to get into bird feeding, this guide will help you choose a suitable bird food mix, table or feeder and give you some tips on cleaning and maintaining your feeder to help you start feeding birds and keep them coming back for more!

Start by choosing the right mix for feeding birds

Anyone new to feeding birds could be easily overwhelmed by the amount of bird food to choose from. But we’re here to make that easy for you! When starting out feeding birds, the best thing to do is opt for an all-rounder mix. Our Everyday Essentials is perfect for doing just this! Suited to all birds, big and small, this seed mix provides a suitable and well-balanced daily feed.

Our Winter Wellness mix is a more season-specific all-rounder. Designed to fill your garden visitors with a high protein, high-fat feed to keep them pleasantly plump and energized throughout the winter.

If you start feeding in summer, you could go for our Summer Glow mix, jam-packed with groats to give your garden friends a boost of energy for foraging and flying around during the summer.

We also have a Robin Ready bird food mix that includes meaty mealworms, sunflower hearts and kibbled peanuts to attract this charismatic bird while also suiting the dietary preferences of other small birds.

Pick the right feeder for feeding in your garden

Like bird food mixes, plenty of bird feeders and tables are suitable for all your flittering garden visitors. We have a range of bird feeders and bird feeding stations available for you to choose from, but for a generic seed mix designed to please all birds, we recommend a hanging feeder like our Flo Feeder. This is because it features a free-flowing seed tube and an easy-to-clean design, making it a great feeder for those starting out in bird feeding.

You could also go for a bird table instead of a feeder, like our Bird Cuisine bird table; standing at 150cm, it’s the perfect height to allow the birds to swoop in and feed to their heart’s content. Carefully designed to withstand the effects of the UK weather, this great all-year-round feeding table will fit right into any garden landscape.

Caring for your bird feeders

Now that you have a suitable feeder and seed mix for your garden birds, you must remember to clean your bird feeders. Although the feeders provide feed to keep our birds thriving, they can do the exact opposite when they are not taken care of. A build-up of bird food can be a breeding hub for bacteria. It would be best to clean your feeder every week by removing old food, scrubbing the inside with soap and water, and then allowing it to dry before refilling it.

We have further advice if you would like more information on feeding birds from our Help & Advice and Frequently Asked Questions sections.