Groundsmen Grass Seed Guide

Groundsmen Grass Seed Guide

Groundsmen Grass Seed Guide
Playing surfaces are an important asset. When selecting blends you want desirable characteristics like recovery from very close mowing, disease tolerance and good cleanness of cut.

Choosing the best seed is essential

Why? Because healthy, premium grass plants are robust against wear and tear and varying weather conditions in comparison to cheaper imitations. Quality sports seed can maintain a higher root mass, providing stability and recovery.

The Grass People varieties offer these benefits. Picking the right grass is essential as using the wrong varieties will affect performance and it’s always about how the surface performs.

Choosing the right seed is important

All our seed is thoroughly tested. It is likely if you buy cheap varieties that you will have more problems with weeds, stalks, dirt and bits of chaff. This means poorer germination which leads to more time and work reseeding that busy groundsmen and greenkeepers do not have.

The Grass People amenity varieties provide you with the confidence that the seed you have purchased is pure and of a high quality.  Seed certification and specs can be provided upon request, as well as custom mixtures. 

Our Perform range contains cultivars that are specially selected for their ability to perform and are STRI rated.

Grass seed for sports pitches


Grass seed for golf greens

PERFORM: Golf GreensPERFORM: Golf TeesPERFORM: Golf Fairways

Grass seed for cricket grounds

PERFORM: Cricket Squares & WicketsPERFORM : Cricket Outfield 

Grass seed for bowling greens

PERFORM: Bowling Greens

Grass seed for racecourses

PERFORM: Racecourse Seed

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