Ground Feeder

  • Fine mesh ground feeder
  • Mesh keeps food dry and fresh
  • Ideal for feeding a variety of wildlife


£5.99 £4.99

Product Description

The Tom Chambers Ground Feeder features a durable frame and has a fine mesh across the top. The mesh covering helps keep food off the ground, helping it stay fresh and dry. Ideal for feeding a wide variety of wildlife, everything from birds to hedgehogs can make use of it.

Feed your garden visitors with our tasty, high-quality wild bird food that is also 100% wheat and filler-free.


  • Material: Coated metal
  • Diameter: 22cm
  • Fine mesh covering
  • Keeps food off the ground
  • Ideal for use with a range of food types
  • Feeds a variety of wildlife


  • Clean frequently to stop germs from spreading
  • Refill when empty to encourage wild birds to return
  • Place at least 2 metres away from cover to ensure wild birds can spot predators

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Product Questions

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