Great Lawns Made Simple: Types of soil

Great Lawns Made Simple: Types of soil
Number two in our series of Great Lawns Made Simple is Types of Soil. View our guide below to learn how to assess the soil in your garden.
The makeup of your soil can be very different depending on your garden, your area, or what materials were used when building or landscaping. It’s good to know what types of soils you may have as it affects drainage, nutrients and the how plants grow in it.

Soil Types:

Sandy  Sandy soils are light and free draining but can be low in nutrients.Clay Clay soils are heavy and hold water but are richer in nutrients.Loam  Loam soils are a good midpoint between the other two as it is a mixture of clay, sand and silt.You don’t need to be a soil expert, have a look at your garden and assess which soil type it is using this simple test – roll the soil in your hand, sandy soil will fall apart whilst clay soil will stick together. From this you will be able to look after it properly with the correct levels of water and fertiliser.No matter what soil type you have, use our Getting the soil prepped - 8 point plan to prepare for sowing and to give seeds a healthy start it is worth putting in a little extra effort at this stage.

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