Great Lawns Made Simple: Grass seed guide

Great Lawns Made Simple: Grass seed guide

Great Lawns Made Simple: Grass seed guide

Kick-starting the release of our new series of informative lawn care videos; Great Lawns Made Simple, is the Grass Seed Guide.

This video allows viewers to understand that every grass seed mixture is far from the same with different seed for different purposes. When selecting your grass seed, choosing the mixture right for your area will ensure a healthy and long-lasting lawn or grass area. Generally, there are two things to think about which will help you choose the right grass seed.

First, what’s your garden like in terms of sun and shade?

If your garden is mostly in shade or has large areas in shade because of things like trees, fences or gable walls then you want grass that adapts and grows well in less light. We recommend using a specialised mixture which includes varieties that still grow in these darker conditions. Our shaded grass seed range can be viewed here. If you are in full sun, like a south facing garden then a good general purpose mixture will work. If you have a mixture of both a tip is to add a little shade mixture to your general purpose to put on those shady areas.

Second – what do you want from your garden?

Untouched lawn, footy pitch, dog playground, deckchair paradise? Choose a grass seed mixture that fits with your purpose. For grass to survive a lot of wear and tear you need to choose a seed mixture that is durable and tough much like SUPERSTAR: Backlawn or FAMILY: Kids and Pets. If you’re after the iconic stripy lawn which receives low traffic then a mixture of fine varieties such as STATEMENT: Front Lawn will give you the garden you are after.

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