The first cut: when should I mow?

The first cut: when should I mow?
The first cut: when should I mow?
You’ll never forget your first mow. That’s what they say – if you don’t do it properly!

Letting your grass grow to the right height before mowing it is essential to its future growth. Why? Because if you mow it too short, you might damage it and it might never grow back properly. SO it's vitally important to know when to cut grass.

But it’s not all serious, as long as you know the first mowing height and the recommended mowing height for your mixture going forward, everything will be just dandy. Mowing and grass cutting is easy, but is can change throughout the year!

We recommend that the ideal height of your grass should be around 5 – 7cm before you cut it, and this goes for all of our grass seed mixtures. This is simply because if the grass has been able to reach this height, it is viable and growing well, and can therefore be cut. If it isn’t reaching this height, then it either isn’t established, or something is stunting its growth.

If your new lawn or overseeded lawn has reached the golden heights of 5-7cm then it’s time to give it its first mow. Set your lawn mower on the highest setting. The aim is to give the grass a trim, not a front back and sides shave!

Ensure to remove all the clippings after you have mown your lawn - if you leave them on a newly seeded lawn, you could be contributing to thatch which would undo all your hard work. In addition, dead grass sitting dormant on top of your lawn will stop much needed sunlight getting to your new grass.

Now, going forward, your recommended mowing height will change. Different types of grass seeds have varying tolerances for how close they can be mowed. For example, the fescues in our STATEMENT: Front Lawn mix will tolerate close mowing, this is because they are of a finer leafed variety, and close mowing helps to achieve the ornamental look that fescues are known for. The recommended mowing height for STATEMENT: Front Lawn is 10-20mm. For our ever popular SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn the recommended mowing height is 20-40mm,  which is double the recommended mowing height for STATEMENT: Front Lawn. Whilst this doesn’t entirely mean that the mix won’t withstand closer mowing, it shows that this mix isn’t meant to be an ornamental lawn, but likewise, will perform well at a slightly higher height.

We have recommended mowing heights for all our mixes that can be easily found in the ‘Usage guide’ tab of each of our products. And if you haven’t got a ruler handy, each of our grass seed mixtures comes with a instructional card that already has a ruler on it!

So contrary to popular belief, the first isn’t the deepest, it might just be the easiest!

4 First Grass Cut / Mow Tips

  • Wait until your grass lawn is it is 5-7cm before mowing
  • Take away the cuttings (why not add them to a compose heap)
  • Let the grass settle for a week or two after your first cut
  • Going forward mow at the recommended height (per product)

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