Finding the right fertiliser

Finding the right fertiliser
Finding the one can be hard. Finding the right fertiliser? Easy, with our super handy guide. Fertilising your garden, just like finding the one, may seem like a bit of a myth. We’re here to tell you it’s not!
You may also think spring is the only time to use the right fertiliser. Although spring is the ideal time to use most fertilisers, you can also use them in autumn and winter. Keep reading for more advice on how to get the right fertiliser for your garden!

Spring / Summer Fertiliser

As we said previously, spring is the best time to use fertiliser. Using fertiliser in early spring can guarantee a healthy sward in summer and keep your grass looking luscious with a nitrogen-rich fertiliser. If you have an existing lawn in pretty good condition and just needs maintenance, then we recommend our QUICK RELEASE: Spring / Summer fertiliser. Otherwise, our SLOW RELEASE: Spring / Summer fertiliser is the right fertiliser in this situation!

Slow Release

SLOW RELEASE: Spring / Summer is the ideal fertiliser for any existing lawn. Apply during March to see results for up to 12 – 16 weeks. This is a gradual fertiliser, so results are not immediate – however, this feed will last much longer than QUICK RELEASE: Spring / Summer that gives a ‘quick’ burst of life to your lawn. With UK weather tendencies, you may not need to water this fertiliser in - but if there has been a long dry patch, it is best to water the fertiliser as it will need moisture to activate.

Quick Release

QUICK RELEASE: Spring / Summer is the right fertiliser if you’ve had a forgetful moment (been a bit of a late bloomer) and realised your grass is looking rather pale. It’s also extremely useful if the forecast shows it's finally BBQ weather and it’s time to get the friends and family around. This fertiliser burst will last for around six weeks and is an intensive treatment. Avoid applying this fertiliser during particularly hot periods of weather – if unavoidable, try to apply during cooler nights or overcast days. Remember to water the fertiliser off after application, as it can scorch your grass blades. We advise avoiding applying this fertiliser after August. Even though it will make your grass green again, this immediate growth will not last through the winter, and you may be disappointed by the results. And we don’t want that.

Autumn / Winter Fertiliser

It may seem strange to apply fertiliser to your lawn in autumn / winter – a time when it is typically ‘dormant’. However, applying feed during this time does have its benefits. The main benefit of feeding your grass during the autumn/winter months is that it will become much stronger in the other side (spring/summer). It will also help protect your grass against disease during the winter months when frost is likely to form, or snow is likely to fall.

Slow Release

Just as with spring / summer fertiliser, our SLOW RELEASE: Autumn / Winter is our recommended feed for any existing lawn. By applying this fertiliser in August, you are effectively preparing your lawn for the winter months. Packing a punch with root-strengthening potassium, this feed will help you make it through the wilderness. Madonna style.

Quick Release

Our QUICK RELEASE: Autumn / Winter fertiliser is an intensive feed that can be used from August – October. Its main job is to strengthen your grass’ roots while keeping disease at bay. Although, it can’t be used as late in the year as our SLOW RELEASE: Autumn / Winter fertiliser, as its protection is intensive but only meant for short-term use. If you are considering using our SLOW RELEASE: Spring / Summer fertiliser for that from-the-get-go-green grass, then Quick Release will give your garden the pre-boost and protection it needs during winter.


If you’re sowing a new lawn, QUICK RELEASE: Pre-Seed is your best bet for a fast-to-grow and fast-to-establish lawn. With all the key nutrients a young seedling needs to grow big and strong, this fertiliser will help your lawn go from bald to where’s-the-mower?

Feed, Weed and Moss Killer 

Technically a year-round fertiliser - Feed, Weed and Mosskiller do three jobs at once. It kills moss and weeds and feeds the remaining grass patches. After using Feed, Weed and Moss Killer, there will be some patches in your lawn, so it will most likely need re-seeded. With a five-star customer rating, it is the best weed and feed on the market! Certainly, those weeds won’t be coming back, and that moss must go!