Self-Repairing Lawn Grass Seed Mixture, NEW from The Grass People

Self-Repairing Lawn Grass Seed Mixture, NEW from The Grass People

We have added an extra special seed mixture to our home and garden grass range. Introducing RESTORE: Self-Repair Lawn, the mixture that mends damage all by itself!

Adding RESTORE: Self Repairing Lawn to their extensive range of grass seed, The Grass People feel this mixture will provide the perfect solution to households with pets and young children who love to play and frolic in the garden. Often dogs digging or a ‘kick about’ in the back garden leads to roughs and tears on the surface of the grass which would traditionally require reseeding. Now with RESTORE: Self Repairing Lawn busy homeowners and domestic users can rest assured their garden grass will tend to itself and remain beautifully luscious and even throughout the year.

The main strengths of our RESTORE: Self Repairing Lawn;

  • Self-Repairing
  • Fast to Establish
  • Hard Wearing
  • Suitable for Families
  • Lush and Full Lawn

The revolutionary ability of RESTORE: Self Repairing Lawn is down to the inclusion of the Creeping Perennial Ryegrass variety, Zurich, within the mixture. Zurich allows the grass to restore itself after wear and tear through its clever creeping ability - a truly groundbreaking characteristic, particularly amongst the perennial ryegrass family.The Grass People suggest sowing RESTORE: Self Repairing Lawn anytime from February through to September for best results in the UK, with exception of during extreme weather periods. The sowing rate for a new grass is recommended at 50grams per square metre, whereas for overseeding 35grams per square metre is suitable for this mixture. The seed varieties within RESTORE: Self Repairing Lawn include 40% Zurich Creeping Perennial Ryegrass, 10% Slender Creeping Red Fescue and 50% Strong Creeping Red Fescue. All in all this mixture will provide a hardwearing, beautiful grass area with the full benefits being fully appreciated in year two of the establishment.RESTORE: Self Repairing Lawn can be purchased here or for further advice on how to sow grass seed see our guide here.