How to create your own wildflower garden

How to create your own wildflower garden
How to create your own wildflower garden

If you’ve ever watched, say, the Chelsea Flower Show and thought to yourself, ‘Gosh, wouldn’t a wildflower meadow be lovely?’ then you’re in the right place. Yes, wildflower meadows are lovely, and even lovelier than that – they are amazingly easy to look after.

So why are wildflowers so easy to look after? Well, the simple fact is that wildflowers THRIVE in poor soil conditions so starving your soil of nutrients is highly beneficial for their growth. This is one of the only time’s that being a horticultural Horlicks will really pay off and help your wildflower garden thrive!

To create your desired wildflower garden, you will need to pick one of our wildflower mixes – you can do that by browsing our site or by sending us a message.

Once you’ve decided what wildflower mix to choose, you should then plan when to sow your wildflower seeds.

To do that, we’ve created a quick ten step plan for you to follow.

  1. Remove any existing grass, plants or flora from the area where you plan to sow your wildflower seed. Failure to do this will produce poor results
  2.  Further remove the top 5-10cm to reduce soil fertility
  3. Allow the area to cultivate for several weeks, and remove any weeds that may pop in the area during this time
  4. Do not be tempted to add top soil, compost or fertiliser to the area - wildflowers prefer low nutrient conditions
  5. After the cultivation period ensure to remove stones or any other debris and rake the area to create a fine, friable and level seedbed
  6. Scatter the seed at a rate of 5g per m2
  7. Rake the seed so that it is in amongst the soil
  8. Water the just-sown wildflower seed well
  9. If sowing in drought conditions, water as required to keep the area moist in the first 6 weeks after sowing
  10. Grow wild, because you've just sown your first wildflower meadow!

See how our customer utilised his wildflower seed to put a previously empty planter in his garden to good use and can now enjoy his fuss-free foliage and daily wildlife visitors!

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