CHORUS: Songbird Selection Bird Food

  • Attracts a range of birds like robins, wrens, thrushes and blackbirds
  • Includes kibbled ingredients to suit smaller beaked birds
  • 100% wheat & filler-free promise
From £11.00 £9.17

Product Description

All our bird food mixtures come with our 100% wheat and filler-free promise.

Our CHORUS: Songbird Selection mix has been created to attract and delight wild songbirds. Loaded full of soft and kibbled ingredients, this mixture will provide a highly nutritious and easy to eat feed for softer billed birds. Made without the addition of unwanted fillers, this blend of ingredients has been carefully chosen for the benefits that they will bring to the birds.

This mixture includes a range of kibbled maize, peanuts and sunflower hearts that will all cater to the needs of those smaller beaked songbirds. The kibbled maize and peanuts are broken down into small, manageable chunks to allow for easy eating while also providing a boost of protein, energy, and oils to the birds to help see them through their daily activities. Already husk less, the sunflower hearts are ideal for softer billed birds as it will allow for a fuss free feed that requires very little work.

Mixed to attract the most vocal of garden visitors, our CHORUS: Songbird Selection is full of ingredients that will prove popular amongst robins, wrens, blackbirds, and thrushes. Even though we have created this mix for songbirds, it is well suited to a wider range of UK garden birds and can be left out for all birds to snack on.

This is a year-round feed that will effectively provide for your garden birds through each different season and any difficulties they might bring. Packed full of ingredients that are high in carbohydrates and oils, making them valuable for wild birds in the cold months of winter and the energetic months of the mating seasons. UK songbirds are typically more vocal in the springtime, so you may notice a flurry of them over the spring months as they stock up on food to keep their songs in tune!

This mix is suitable for seed feeders, bird tables, platforms and bird homes within your garden.

Usage Guide

Our CHORUS: Songbird Selection has been designed to meet the needs of our loudest and most vocal garden visitors. Mixed with softer and smaller ingredients, this mix will attract a range of songbirds to your garden.

  • Our CHORUS: Songbird Selection mix is suitable to use with all types of bird feeders, including but not limited to bird tables, seed feeders and bird platforms.
  • This mixture is not suitable for seed specific feeders (Niger seed feeder, Peanut seed feeder) as it may not hold the seeds in place correctly and may be difficult for the bird to retrieve the food.
  • While there is no correct amount of bird food to leave out for birds, we advise that you monitor the amount that is being taken from your feeders and tables. If bird food is left for too long, untouched, it can begin to mould and dampen, which will deter the birds away, or potentially cause them harm through illness caused by old food.


Although this product doesn’t require aftercare, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you and the birds will get the most out of your bird food.

  • Keeping your feeders and tables clean is an essential part of feeding birds. To learn how to correctly clean your bird feeder, read our full guide here.
  • Birdfood should be correctly stored once it has been opened to make sure it lasts. We recommend keeping it in a cool, dry place and away from any pets. Read our full guide on 'how to store birdfood'.

Product Questions

Product Questions

Please could you tell me if these ingredients are produced in the uk? Thank you.
Question by: Gillian on 16 Dec 2021, 12:44
Hi, thank you for your question. Whilst we do try to source most of our ingredients from the UK this is not always possible.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 16 Dec 2021, 13:16

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