• Produces an ornamental, delicate lawn
  • Perfect for keen gardeners who can offer extra TLC
  • Luxury lawn seed made up of the finest fescues
How much does each bag cover?
Size / Weight
New Lawn
(50g per m²)
(35g per m²)













How much do I need?
From £19.50

How much do I need?

Simply enter the length and width of the area, to calculate how much you need.


Product Description

STATEMENT: Front Lawn is a blend of our finest fescues for the ultimate luxurious English lawn. This fine-leafed mix creates a bowling green lawn that can be closely mown for those sought-after statement stripes. This mix is for homeowners who delight in the appearance of a well-kept, untouched lawn that emulates the neat and uniform rolling greens of an estate, or typical English country lawn. This mix will not withstand heavy traffic and is tailored towards those who are able to offer more care and attention than that of a typical lawn. A 100% fescue mix, homeowners and lawn lovers who sow this seed and maintain it well will be rewarded with unrivalled results.

What area does each STATEMENT: Front Lawn Grass Seed bag cover?

New lawn Overseeding an existing lawn
2kg - 40m2
5kg - 100m2
10kg - 200m2
20kg - 400m2
2kg - 57m2
5kg - 143m2
10kg - 286m2
20kg - 571.5m2


Mixture Breakdown

20% Chewings Fescue
10% Slender Creeping Red Fescue
70% Strong Creeping Red Fescue

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Usage Guide

Overseeding an existing lawn with STATEMENT: Front Lawn

Remove any dead grass, weeds or moss by scarifying / raking the area
Rake the area enough so that the soil is loose and not compact
Sow the seed at our recommended rate of 35g per m2, by using a seed spreader or your hand
Rake the seed in after sowing so that the seed is in amongst the soil
Firm down by foot or by using a roller to improve seed to soil contact
Water the just-sown seed well 

Read our full guide How to sow a new lawn.

Sowing a new lawn with STATEMENT: Front Lawn

Dig the soil over to a depth of 20-25cm
Remove weeds by hand or use a weed killer
Add top soil if you believe the soil to be poor quality or unlevel
Rake the area to get a level seedbed
Sow the seed at our recommended rate of 50g per m2, by using a seed spreader or your hand
Rake the seed in after sowing so that the seed is in amongst the soil
Firm down by foot or by using a roller to improve seed to soil contact
Water the just-sown seed well 

Learn more with our guide How to overseed a lawn.

STATEMENT: Front Lawn Sowing Guide & Pack Sizes

Recommended Mowing Height 20 - 40mm

Sowing Rate (New Lawn)

50 grams per m2

Bag Coverage

2kg covers 40m2
5kg covers 100m2
10kg covers 200m2
20kg covers 400m2

Sowing Rate (Overseeding an Existing Lawn)

35 grams per m2

Bag Coverage

2kg covers 57m2
5kg covers 143m2
10kg covers 286m2
20kg covers 571.5m2




Continue to water your lawn deeply and daily for the next six weeks, avoiding if there is prolonged rainfall
Your lawn will take up to 6 weeks to fully establish
Once there is an even coverage throughout the lawn and grass blades are hitting heights of 5-7cm, your lawn is ready for its first mow on the highest setting
To keep your lawn healthy, green and disease / weed free, remember to regularly fertilise

Product Questions

Product Questions

If you are overseeing (rather disappointing) new turf how do you deal with mowing and the new turf says it wants light mowing on highest cutting twice weekly in June, but new see not for 6 weeks ,am tearing hair out.have already had turf replaced once, I asked for bowling green lawn and they’ve sent football field. Overseeing it is the only answer unless you can help
Question by: Jane on 17 May 2021, 18:29
Hi Jane

How long is the turf down? If you want to email us all the info we would be happy to advise. You can email us at [email protected]
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 18 May 2021, 09:07
I am unsure on what type my current grass is so is it fine to mix in Statement with it when I overseed?
Question by: Archie Raynham on 22 Jul 2021, 21:35
Our STATEMENT: Front Lawn would work to overssed your current lawn. It is slower to grow and more of a “show” grass.

It creates an ornamental lawn that needs a lot of care and attention, but looks extremely fine and very impressive – it is made up of 100% fescue which is finer grass species and will not withstand heavy traffic. This mix can be mown quite short and will be dense to give the soft feeling underfoot.
Answer by: Eva Greene on 23 Jul 2021, 08:37

I plan on purchasing your Statement and Superstar grass seeds. I was going to purchase your pre-seed fertiliser, but your 20kg bag is way too big for my 40m2 lawn.

Do you suggest any fertilising pre treatment to the ground before sowing the seeds?

Thank you.
Question by: Simon on 29 Mar 2021, 04:39
Whilst it is not essential for seeds to germinate we would recommend a fertiliser if you wish to give the area a boost or your lawn suffers from poor soil.
Our fertiliser will keep for up to four years if stored in a cool dry place.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 29 Mar 2021, 12:41
Not sure..I would like seed that can be in full sun front lawn and back I’m over seeding just lite patches is it best to do all the areas lite cover so looking the same if it possible to speak on the phone Thanks
Question by: Tony Salamone on 21 Apr 2021, 11:51
Hi Tony

If you would like to send some pictures of your lawn to [email protected] we can take a look and help advise on a mix and also a procedure for overseeding.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 21 Apr 2021, 13:02

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