How to care for a fine leafed lawn

How to care for a fine leafed lawn

How to care for a fine leafed lawn
Fine-leafed lawns are made up of grass varieties from the fine fescue family, and need a little bit more care than other lawns. Find out how best to care for your fine-leafed lawn in our guide.
A 100% fescue mixture will stay green all year round and is drought tolerant. However their most attractive feature is the delicate leaves the mixture produces to give a superior stripy and neat lawn.

Why is it considered an ornamental lawn?

With a fine fescue lawn, sometimes known as a bowling green style lawn, we must stress, this mixture is not made for the busy family lawn and will not cope well with lots of traffic although it will look far superior to normal lawns. Mixtures like STATEMENT: Front Lawn and Fine Finish Grass Seed are meant for gardens of a slower pace where the grass can be tended to and sit up in all its glory to be admired.

Caring for a fine leafed lawn


Fescue based lawns will benefit from a well prepared seed bed and when establishing need to be watered often for consistent moisture. Prepare the seedbed by removing weeds and debris, fertilise the soil, rake the soil and tread the ground to remove air pockets.


Be aware that fine fescue lawns often have poor irrigation. Particularly as the lawn ages it can develop irrigation problems so requires regular aeration to ensure good drainage and oxygen throughout the soil. Aeration can be done by spiking, slitting or coring the earth down to at least 30mm deep.


Fine leafed lawns need feed! Ensuring you fertilise a fine finish lawn particularly in spring and summer with supplementary nitrogen will keep it well nurtured, with string roots and vigour. Fertilising can be done either by hand or with a spreader, learn more here.

Mowing / Cutting

Fine leafed grass can be mowed to a short level, bear in mind to create stripes in the lawn a rotary motor is required. You can learn how to get stripes in your lawn with our helpful guide here.Don’t worry if your fine lawn is in shade as they are tolerant to less light however if under trees be sure to remove fallen leaves.

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