Can I sow now?

Can I sow now?
Can I sow now?
With the weather and dark evenings on the turn, and daffodils, frogspawn and snowdrops popping up unseasonably early – you could begin to think that spring was here!

But alas, it is only February and although we are all busting at the seams to get back into the garden – can you really sow now?

Can I sow grass seed now?

In some areas of the UK, people have already completed the first mow of the season as grass growth begins to speed up again. However, in other parts of the UK there is snow! The ideal sowing conditions for grass are when temperatures are 8-10 degrees and above consistently – with no snow or frost forecast. These temperatures need to be consistent during the day and at night, as a sudden drop in temperature in the evening could sabotage the growth of new seedlings. We don’t typically reach these temperatures until mid-March or even April, so unfortunately it is still too early to sow grass seed. However, you can stock up as the spring / sowing countdown is well and truly on! Our seed stays fresh for up to 12 months and is ready to grow, when you are ready to sow.

Can I sow wildflower seed now?

Luckily, 100% wildflower mixes such as our Annuals or Meadow Magic do not require the same consistent conditions as grass seed – but we would recommend that you do not try to sow wildflower seed if the ground is frozen / frosty or if you have any snow forecast in your local area. You can sow wildflower seed now for a bloom in mid-spring / summer. Mixes that contain grass should not be sown until temperatures are suitable for grass to grow.

So, if I can’t grow grass seed, what can I do?

Preparation is key – you can start by making a plan of what you want to do in your lawn whether that means patching areas up, overseeding or starting from scratch. You can begin to scarify / aerate your lawn and begin weed and moss removal to kick start your fast approaching spring sowing.