When is the best time to sow grass seed?

This is the question we are often asked, and people are usually surprised to hear that autumn is one of the best times of year to sow grass seed. Have a look through our Autumn sowing guide to find out more.

Autumn Grass Seed Sowing Guide

As we approach autumn the weather here in the UK has most definitely changed. After the long, hot summer we’ve come to know as “drought 18”, the temperature has started to fall and the rainy days are becoming more regular. Many of us long for the heat to return whilst others embrace the need to grab a coat and crunch through the autumn leaves.

One grateful recipient of the rainfall is our lawns who have begun to return to their glorious greenery after the lack of moisture over the summer months. Many of us however now need to reseed and thankfully autumn creates the perfect growing conditions for grass seed germination.

When sowing grass seed we need warm soil, moisture and sunlight. The recommended temperature is 9-12 degrees Celsius. A temperature that many parts of South England will feel even in November. An added plus also is that grass will face less competition from weeds in autumn.

Prepare the soil for grass seed

  • Watch our guide video on preparing the soil for sowing here.
  • Prepare the soil by scarifying off any old grass, removing large stones and weeds, and then leveling if required.
  • Turn over the site and rake level to leave a fine seedbed.
  • Consider applying a Pre-Seed Fertiliser before or when sowing the seed to give the soil a boost in nutrients.


How to sow seeds

  • Watch our guide video on how to sow seed here.
  • Use markers to section out the area to be sown into square metres.
  • A good rule of thumb is to spread seed at 50g per square metre for reseeding and 35g per square metre when overseeding a lawn.
  • If using a spreader follow the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • If sowing by hand, weigh out the seed to cover each square metre into a container and mark the level on the outside to act as a guide.
  • Scatter half the seed in one direction across a square metre and then spread the remainder in the opposite direction.
  • After sowing, lightly rake over the area and water.

Autumn Sowing Aftercare


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