Only the best ingredients in wild bird food

Only the best ingredients in wild bird food

Only the best ingredients in wild bird food

Here at Birdkind, we live by our slogan “Nurture our Nature”. We are proud to only use the best ingredients in our wild bird food to ensure your garden birds they get the most from every meal.

If you’re looking for premium-quality wild bird food - seed mixtures or excellent-quality straights to entice birds to your garden, or contemporary feeders, bird homes or accessories to garnish your backyard wildlife haven - we know you will appreciate our range of products.

When looking at other brands, we noticed that most of them use wheat and commercial fillers in their mixes to bulk up the mix. Some of these brands’ mixes contain up to 60 percent filler in their bags, which doesn’t benefit the birds.

We only use the best ingredients in our wild bird food mixes

Birdkind only produces food that will help wild birds thrive. To achieve this, we carefully select only the best fruits, grains, seeds and nuts without compromise, and we know your local birds will enjoy them. Our bird feed offers exceptional quality, and we do not include any cheap commercial fillers in the mix.

Our bird food is and always will be wheat and filler free but packed with fibre and protein to give your birds the best opportunity to grow and thrive.

With no unnecessary extras or hidden ingredients, you can be sure that your garden birds benefit from a balanced diet that gives them the nutrients they need when they need them most.

Our moreish mixes are for feeding the masses and inspire a wide host of breeds to arrive at your feeding table on a daily basis. And if you notice a specific bird type that’s visiting more often than others, then we have mixes more tailored to them also.

We have our Everyday Essentials and Four Season Feast that are sure to keep everyone happy. We also have mixes suited to the seasons - the likes of our Summer Glow and Winter Wellness and our Robin Ready ensure your garden visitors get the nutrition they need all year round.

When bird food contains only products that wild birds enjoy (and require), there will be less wastage and less mess in your garden. An added bonus is that when you’re feeding wild birds the food they enjoy, they are more likely to return regularly. And they might even decide to make your garden their daily feeding hotspot.

Birdkind believe providing nutritious food for wild birds is just the beginning of unlocking one of life’s best-kept secrets.

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