Amenity Grass Seed for Rugby Fields

At The Grass People we understand rugby fields need to be sowed with the hardiest of seed, for the hardiest of players and the hardiest of conditions

Rugby Groundmen and women up and down the country strive to ensure their fields provide the best possible surface for their clubs and players, to help ensure a true and even surface avoiding injuries and unfair bounces and bobbles. This isn’t always easy, with the rugby season played out during the coldest and wettest time of the year.

We at The Grass People have spent a long time researching varieties of grass to find a mixture which will sustain and recover quickly from the scrums, rucks and mauls that a rugby pitch will endure over the course of a season’s games and trainings.

With the interests of groundsmen and women in mind, our amenity grass seed experts have specially developed PERFORM: Sports - A blend of three perennial ryegrasses perfect for either sowing a new field or renovating damaged sections of an already existing rugby pitch. This specially designed blend of hardwearing seed is perfect for rugby fields due to its ability to establish and recover quickly even in cold and wet weather conditions.

Sowing a new rugby field

Sowing a new rugby field is a large task and may require the use of a contractor to get the field fit for sowing. The soil needs to be of good depth 150mm uniform and level to allow a good bed for the seed, it needs to be well flattened, aerated and moistened to create the best conditions for growth.

When sowing a new field we recommend a rate of 35g per square metre, so as a rugby field is 7,000 square metres groundskeepers will need 245kg. Allow the first growth of grass to establish to a height of approximately 75mm before the first cut. At this stage aim the cut should trim the new grass to 50mm. Moving forward reduce height with each mow until the recommended height of 25-40mm.

Overseeding a rugby field

When renovating the damaged or bare patches in an existing rugby field the PERFORM: Sport mixture will allow groundsmen to rejuvenate damaged grass quickly. To ensure the best possible surface for your field make sure to irrigate prior to overseeding, this will have your field game ready in no time. We recommend a sowing rate of 25g per square metre and continue to mow at a height of 25-40mm for rugby fields.

For orders over 500kg of SPORT: Perform please use our bulk order section.

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