Hello, we’re The Grass People

We've crafted a range of Grass Seed, a beautiful selection of UK Wildflower Seeds and nutritious Lawn Fertilisers - buying has never been easier. Our lawn seed and wild flowers also have mixtures that are perfect for lots of soil types & shade / light conditions.

We also have horse paddock grass for equestrian enthusiasts and a professional range of sports grasses.

Hello, we’re The Grass People

Using our well-seasoned expertise, we’ve handcrafted an amazing range of 5* rated Grass Seed mixes to suit each and every garden.

From the busiest ones bustling with kids and pets to the finest ‘keep-off-the-lawn’ lawns, we’ve already created the perfect mix for you!

If your grass is suffering from shade, clay or sandy soils, then suffer no more - as our specialist seeds can solve your problems.

For fast-acting and long-lasting fertilisers and professional grass seed for landscapers and sports grounds look no further.

With easy-to-grow wildflowers for every shade and soil type and a bird shop full of ideas to bring more nature to your garden, you’ll be delighted to know we do more than just grass.

So, whilst we may be The Grass People, we’re also just big fans of the / all things garden – and we’d love to help you with yours.

Grass Seed

Premium grass seed for every soil type, shade type and use


Fast-working fertilisers that make your lawn look fantastic


UK native wildflower mixes which are perfect for pollinators


Quality grass at affordable prices for every project


Expertly blended mixes to create grazing paddocks

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How long does grass take to grow?

In ideal conditions, most grass will grow within 10 days after sowing and will be fully established in 6-8 weeks.

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